Binh Thuan Tourism boosts measures to ensure order and safety for tourists during April 30th and May Day

27/04/2023, 15:40

BTO – The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VAT) has lately issued urgent measures to brace for the upcoming big holidays of Liberation Day (April 30th) and May Day (May 1st) across the country. Accordingly, the Binh Thuan tourism sector has implemented a number of essential measures to ensure order and safety for tourists before, during, and after the holidays.

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The provincial authorities have strengthened management on security, safety, fire prevention, and disease control. Meanwhile, food hygiene and safety is one of the top priorities to prevent tourists from food poisoning on their trip vacation in the locality. To ensure the safety of tourists, the food management sector has conducted patrols on tourist businesses. Food and service prices at restaurants and tourist businesses are also closely supervised so that there are no cases of enticing, forcing, and overcharging customers, adversely affecting the image of the locality in particular and Vietnam's tourism in general.


Meanwhile, the locality also put much attention to garbage collection and environmental protection in public areas.

Binh Thuan takes great resolve to create a nice, friendly, and attractive destination for tourists domestically and internationally during this big holiday and the Visit Vietnam Year 2023.


According to Bao Binh Thuan
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Binh Thuan Tourism boosts measures to ensure order and safety for tourists during April 30th and May Day