Top must-visit tourist destinations in Binh Thuan

04/04/2024, 09:19

BTO – As you arrive in Binh Thuan, you will enjoy the turquoise sea - white sand - golden sunshine, and especially the indispensable fresh seafood dishes.

Co Thach Beach

Co Thach Beach is also known as the seven-color rock beach. Located in Binh Thanh commune - Tuy Phong district, this beach is famous for its colorful and distinguishing shaped rocks along the beach. Furthermore, the crystal emerald water has turned this place into a curious place for many people. As one of the famous tourist destinations of Binh Thuan, the rocky beach also has many large rocks covered with lush greenery moss. In March, there will be the time when moss grows and covers the rocks, creating a beautiful landscape.

Ong Dia Rock Beach

Ong Dia Rock is located about 10 km from Phan Thiet Center. This is also a popular place because of its wild beach chain and interesting anecdotes handed down by word of mouth. The name Ong Dia was given by the locals after the rock protruding above the sea with the shape of the Earth God (Ong Dia) facing the mainland.

Ke Ga Cape

Ke Ga Cape is a place that gathers unique shaped rocks stacked on top of each other like a chicken head shape. This location is about 30 km far from Phan Thiet Center (Ham Thuan Nam district). It became an ideal resting place for tourists not only because of its rock beach but also its astonishing beauty, pristine beaches with cool blue water, and the oldest lighthouse in Southeast Asia. 5:00 p.m would be an ideal time to come here which is the best time when you can enjoy the magnificent twilight on Ke Ga Cape.

White sand dunes

Located about 60 km from Phan Thiet Center, Bau Trang is one of the favorite attractions in Binh Thuan. There are many white sand dunes with lotus lakes in this area. Hence, Bau Trang is fondly called the Little Sahara located in the heart of Binh Thuan.

Phu Quy Island

Phu Quy Island is a famous island with beautiful natural scenery and landscapes. It is always on the tourist destinations top list in Binh Thuan for its wild beauty and crystal turquoise beaches.

In order to get to Phu Quy Island, you need to take a regular or express ship for about 2.5 or 3.5 hours. Phu Quy is famous for its beautiful beaches, fine white sand, and crystal blue ocean. This place also has diverse natural landscapes, high hills, vast steppes, and beautiful stone caves...

Mui Ne fishing village

If you are a food lover, Mui Ne fishing village is the place you cannot skip in your Binh Thuan journey. Located on Huynh Thuc Khang Street, Mui Ne fishing village is along the coast up to 1 km in length and only about 1 km far from Mui Ne market. Especially, you will also be free to experience a peaceful life in the fishing business of fishermen like an art.

Beside these mentioned places, Binh Thuan has many other famous landscapes that visitors will have many memorable impressions once they visit.


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Top must-visit tourist destinations in Binh Thuan