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If you're planning on visiting Binh Thuan this summer, don't forget to stop at Hon Cau (Cau island) where you can immerse yourself in the turquoise ocean and take in the island's distinctive and wild beauty.

The small yet breathtaking island for sea lovers and explorers.

Hon Cau is an island in the Tuy Phong district of Binh Thuan province, also known as Cu Lao Cau. The name comes from the abundance of spinach jelly on the island, according to the locals. This is a 1.5-kilometer-long and 800-meter-wide island and about 10 kilometers from the mainland. If you've ever fallen in love with Mui Ne-Binh Thuan's lengthy beaches and yellow sand dunes, Hon Cau is a must-see. This lovely, little island is ideal for water lovers who enjoy exploring. When you go to the island, you'll notice an entirely different vibe than you would on other beaches. On the island, there is a gentle breeze, an emerald green ocean, and massive rocks overlapping to form unusual formations. Although rain does not occur often, the plants still blossom with a variety of distinct species.

Visitors will be able to see the unique coral population here via paddling and diving. There are only a few days left until the fourth lunar month's full moon, which is the best time for travelers to visit Hon Cau and take part in the annual fishing festival hosted in Tuy Phong seas. This is one of the fishermen's traditional celebrations, where they pray for good weather, ample fishing ground, and a properous business year. On the island, there is a temple dedicated to the Nam Hai god, who is revered as a guardian deity in the midst of the sea and is a sacred site for fishermen. As a result, every year on the full moon in April, a large festival is organized here, attracting hundreds of people to the island to participate and enjoy themselves.

The Cu Lao Cau fishing festival attracts not only local fisherman who want to worship and have fun, but also many tourists who wish to learn about religious practices and observe the island's natural yet unique beauty. There are numerous beginning sites for exploring Cu Lao Cau island, including the Lien Huong wharf and the Phuoc The fishing port. Tourists could previously only visit fishermen's boats and border guard ships, but now they are able to use a canoe service. On calm sea days, the journey takes about 30–40 minutes, and the lovely Hon Cau will come in front of your eyes for about VND200,000–250,000 each person. The Hon Cau tour is offered by several individuals and tourist agencies. Because the tour program is specific and appealing, you won't have to bother about transportation or eating on the island. You can also go scuba diving to witness a diverse coral community with over 234 species, or SUP paddling and eating fresh fish, etc.

In recent years, as Hon Cau's tourism has grown, there have been a few weekend group visits to the island. Because the island is uninhabited and just a few stores and eateries are available, travelers must prepare their own supplies and tents. If you want to stay, you must first obtain permission from the island's maritime border guard station. You are free to camp with consent, and enjoy the cool wind and peace, together with the wonders that are offered by nature.


According to Bao Binh Thuan
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