The unique beauty of Lao Cau isle entices loads of tourists

18/08/2022, 10:00

BTO-The natural landscape of Lao Cau isle does not only lure tourists with its unique and poetic beauty, but it also appeals to visitors to the isle through a variety of tourism products, services, and entertainment.

Experiencing recreational activities of fishing, diving to see corals, discovering and protecting the marine ecosystems, outdoor activities, seafood appreciation, watching sunset and sunrise on the isle, etc will be introduced to visitors on arrivals.

After such eco-tour activities, they will be welcomed at the sightseeing sites such as Yen cave, Ba Hon cave, Fairy beach, Ong Nam Hai (Whale-worshipping) Temple, and Hon Cau marine protected area, imposing rocky expanses, etc.

According to a report from the Tuy Phong Culture and Information Division, the district welcomed about 569,000 visitors in the first seven months of 2022, including 5,100 staying guests on the Lao Cau isle.

Watching the sunset and sunrise on Cu Lao Cau

In the forthcoming time, the locality will develop many more service types such as accommodations, tents, outdoor activities, a Barbecue party on the beach, fishing, and sea sports. In the meantime, more tours to visit Lao Cau isle, 7-color rock expanses, Son whirlpool, Wind Power field, etc are expected to be held soon.

About 100 tourists visit the isle a day, and it may double on weekends.

Information from the Hong Phuc Binh Thuan Company (the unit provides high-speed boats to the isle) stated that: the number of tourists to Lao Cau isle for sightseeing and relaxing is increasing with about 100 turns of visitors a day, and double at weekends.

Besides convenient high-speed boats, a number of services of dining, accommodations, and recreation have been gradually completed and come into operation, creating a more attractive impressions to visitors.

Rocky expanses create imposing natural beauty.

Models to call upon the preservation of sea turtle on the isle.


According to Bao Binh Thuan
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The unique beauty of Lao Cau isle entices loads of tourists