The allure of food tour in Phan Thiet

27/05/2024, 10:19

Food Tour Phan Thiet does not only have reasonable prices but also delicious taste. It would be a pity if you come to Phan Thiet but not to take a Food Tour here.

Delicious - affordable cuisine

Food Tours has recently attracted many tourists, especially young people who love local and regional cuisine. Each dish has its specialty local flavor. Traveling to Phan Thiet, many groups enjoy from snacks to main dishes, they also make videos "Food Tour Phan Thiet", or write articles such as "What to eat when traveling to Phan Thiet", "Delicious dishes in Phan Thiet that you can't miss", "Places to eat in Phan Thiet"...

Buffet in Ham Tien- - Mui Ne is popular. Photo: N.Lan

A group of friends shared: After traveling to Phu Quy, they decided to stay in Phan Thiet for 1 more day to enjoy the food. In the morning, there are local beef noodles (bun bo), pork, and duck noodles (mi quang); At noon, there is fish salad and sour cobia soup. In the evening, there are noodle soups, hot pots, fish hot pots... A characteristic feature of Phan Thiet dishes that cannot be confused with other provinces' dishes is the sweetness but pretty delicious.

Another group shared that they rode motorbikes from Saigon to Phan Thiet to enjoy the sea. From afternoon to evening, everyone enjoyed many dishes including Indian volute salad, clam porridge, mini-pancake (banh can), fish hotpot, squid teeth, steamed squid eggs, shrimp paste rice paper, rice noodles (banh canh)... Surprisingly the price is so cheap! For example, rice noodles are 20.000 VND/bowl, rice paper with shrimp paste, grilled Vietnamese sausage, and fermented pork rolls are only 10.000 VND/piece. After "filling their stomachs", they went to Doi Duong Beach to drink coffee and admire the scenery. The sea and scenery are truly adventurous. Coming to Phan Thiet without enjoying the dishes is a mistake.

Increasing the revenue

According to the World Culinary Tourism Association (WFTA), 53% of tourists enjoy regional and local dishes when traveling. In particular, food costs account for 15 - 35% of total tourist expenses. It is estimated that culinary tourism contributes an average of about 25% of total revenue to the local economy. The advantages of culinary tourism are attracting visitors, increasing revenue, and getting attractions from many social networking communities to exploit, write, post on social networks.

Night cuisine in Ham Tien - Mui Ne. Photo: N.Lan

Topics related to "Food Tour" on social networks attract a large number of views and interactions. This increases the spread of each local culinary culture. In addition, "Food Tour" information spread on many social networks, creating a digital culinary space, and stimulating viewers to want to experience such dishes. Culinary tourism is suitable for everyone, including low-income tourists and self-sufficient travelers. Many groups of young people said: "For only 100,000 VND, you can enjoy 5-6 dishes in Phan Thiet, delicious and full; Come here once, you cannot wait for the next time.

To develop Phan Thiet culinary tourism, creating a Food Tour map for tourists is necessary. This map shows the location, dishes, time, and transportation to get there... With this, visitors can refer before going on a culinary journey. Moreover, culinary tourism does not stop at enjoying local dishes, but also experiencing the depth of culinary culture. They are about cooking, practicing making local food, studying the origin of the dishes, visiting and experiencing production and processing facilities.


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The allure of food tour in Phan Thiet