Returning to the 3-tier waterfall in Binh Thuan

13/05/2024, 08:16

BTO - As a place with mild weather all year round, the area of 143, is known as Hamlet 11 in the present, Da Kai commune (Duc Linh district), always gives those who come there a feeling of surprise because of its change, prosperity and beauty. It combines wild mountains, forests, fruit lands, and hospitable and friendly people. We returned to the land of 143 to visit the 3-storey waterfall, immerse ourselves in nature, and listen to the beautiful life here every day.

Used to be an unpopular land in Duc Linh district, presently, an administrative unit has been formed and is called hamlet 11 of Da Kai commune. In the 2010s, for those who love and explore natural wonders, this is an ideal attractive destination. There are not only waterfalls and forests but also many precious medicinal herbs. Since the love of this land, in 2013, there was a couple Mr. Mai Thanh Lam and Ms. Dang Thi Bo who built a resort and raised sturgeon here. With a lot of effort, enthusiasm, and material, in 2016 many people knew and came to this land. Villages and gardens also began to form and develop strongly, currently, it has more than 110 households with nearly 400 people, and people's lives are gradually stabilizing and becoming wealthy. Many households own 2-3 hectares of durian and other fruit trees. This area has the potential and advantages to develop the highest quality fruit trees in the Duc Linh district.

Along DT 766, through Tan Phu land, Dong Nai province to Highway 20, locals call it the lonely intersection. Follow Highway 20 towards Lam Dong province, and turn right at km 143, this is the road to land of 143. In the past, the road was very difficult, people even had to walk when it was raining, but now visitors can get there directly.

The highlight of this land is the eco-tourism area: the 3-storey waterfall. This eco-tourism area is actually a 14-hectare farm of Mr. Mai Thanh Lam's family. This farm was built quite beautifully by its owner who invested according to tourism development direction from 2013. The surrounding scenery is full of flowers blooming, scents are blowing, the air is fresh, and the climate is cool.

To get to the 3-storey waterfall, we have to go through 5 commercial sturgeon tanks in the tourist area. This is a raising sturgeon model in cement tanks that has been tested since 2014. Because of the clean water source and ideal temperature from the 3-storey waterfall, sturgeon grow well, bringing high economic efficiency to the family. About 500 meters from the sturgeon farming system is a 3-storey waterfall. It is a low waterfall but quite beautiful and romantic since the suitable climate, flowers bloom all year round here.

A 3-storey waterfall is a waterfall with 3 steps of falling water separated by rocky banks and forest trees. The road to the waterfall is not too difficult, mainly through small rocky slopes. Here we can see many precious medicinal plants such as mountain mint, morning glory, wild ginseng, etc. The waterfall is not high, hence, the water flows gently over the undulating rocks, creating small, cool water and people can bathe freely without any danger. The 3-storey waterfall is not as majestic as other waterfalls in the middle of the jungle, but its safety has created an ideal destination.

With an area of 14 hectares, this eco-tourism area also has many types of trees with very high economic value. There are many fruit trees such as durian, mangosteen, rambutan, and avocado. During the Tet season, there are oranges, tangerines and grapefruits. The nature here is not only good for discovering and relaxing but also a place for people to come and enjoy the specialties.


According to Bao Binh Thuan
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Returning to the 3-tier waterfall in Binh Thuan