Over VND 350 billion earmarked for Tet commodity stockpile

08/12/2021, 10:20 - Lượt đọc: 15

BTO – To stockpile commodities and stabilize prices for Tet holiday 2022 as the Lunar new year is coming in about 2 months, the Provincial People’s Committee of Binh Thuan province has planned to stockpile commodities with price stabilization.

The program contributes to balancing between supply and demand of goods, stabilizing essentials and meeting the demands for people’s consumption and production in the next coming times. At the same time, it aims to limit the rate of price increase, curb inflation, promote production and business development, ensure social security in association with the good implementation of disease prevention and control and meet the requirements of “Safe, flexible adaptation to and effective control of the Covid-19 epidemic" in Binh Thuan province.

The total cost for essential goods reserve and market stabilization is over VN 350 million including plain rice, glutinous rice, instant noodles, sugar, cooking oil, fish sauce, monosodium glutamate, assorted meat, assorted milk, vegetables, processed foods, confectionery, jam, beverage... and some other items (poultry eggs, spices, iodized salt...). Of these, there are a number of units involved in stockpiling essential goods with a relatively large value such as Bach Hoa Xanh Trading Joint Stock Company (Binh Thuan branch) with more than VND 253 billion; Co.opMart Phan Thiet Supermarket with more than 46 billion VND; Co.opMart La Gi Supermarket with more than 18 billion VND; Co.opMart Phan Ri Cua Supermarket with 10 billion VND.

In addition, Lotte Vietnam Trade Center Joint Stock Company - Binh Thuan Branch will participate the program with about VND 12.5 billion, Tung Loan Trading Service Company Limited (10 billion VND), Branch of Luong Joint Stock Company South Central region (over 1 billion). Particularly, the Mountain Service Center (Provincial Committee for Ethnic Minority Affairs) will base on the actual implementation of the year, thereby directing stores and agents directly under the authority to purchase and reserve goods for sale in service of the Lunar New Year and the Lunar New Year. New Year's rice with a total amount expected from VND 450 to VND 500 million.


Bao Binh Thuan
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Over VND 350 billion earmarked for Tet commodity stockpile