On April 30th and May Day: Binh Thuan yearns to bring safe and friendly holidays to visitors

19/04/2022, 11:02

BTO – As the holidays of April 30 and May Day (May 1st) are approaching nearer and nearer, the coastal Southcentral of Binh Thuan is planning to welcome an approximate volume of 40,000 visitors on the 4-day holidays. To affirm its image of a “safe and friendly destination”, Binh Thuan province has deployed a number of solutions to gaining the set targets, as follows.

Firstly, the locality has so far strengthened its management in business activities, and violence of commercial laws. As for areas covered by many tourist areas and attractions such as Phan Thiet City, La Gi Town, Tuy Phong, Ham Thuan Nam districts, they will actively establish inspection teams to perform tasks during the holiday on sanitation, food hygiene, and safety, prices of goods, services, and rooms. Remarkably, for key tourist areas, hygiene work to ensure a healthy tourist environment is always paid attention to, especially at beaches, amusement parks, entertainment areas, and attractive check-in points.


Secondly, the work to ensure safety and order is also continuously deployed. The police department regularly coordinates with key tourist localities to check and control the security and order situation, and promptly rectify the natural and social environment.
As usual, the functional authorities regularly carry out the work of ensuring political security, social order and safety, environmental sanitation, and managing street vendors, especially at attractions and historical monuments before, during, and after the holiday. Besides, they also take into consideration ensuring security and order, implementing many solutions for the work of "providing information to support tourists". Specifically, the Tourism Promotion Information Center strengthens its support for visitors by installing informational QR codes at attractions in Phan Thiet city, launching the Binh Thuan smart travel Portal on mobile devices, and notifying hotline phone numbers 0252.3608.222 and 0252.310.801.


Since this year’s April 30 and May 1 holidays concur with the summer tourism season, many businesses, travel agencies, and attractions have implemented many discount packages from 10 - 30%. Besides, a number of unique and new local attractions are also ready to welcome visitors. Along with stabilizing prices, improving the service quality of businesses and ensuring security and order, cleaning and beautifying the environment and landscapes, Phan Thiet - Binh Thuan destination is expected to satisfy all tourists thanks to ideal weather, typical tourism products, organization of attractive culture, sports and tourist activities, and especially the bustling and fresh beaches.


According to Bao Binh Thuan
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On April 30th and May Day: Binh Thuan yearns to bring safe and friendly holidays to visitors