Binh Thuan strives to ensure all union members and employees to enjoy fully Tet holiday

06/12/2021, 08:43

BTO- "Tet reunion - Spring of peace", this is the theme that the Provincial Labor Confederation has just issued to organize activities to support, take care of the material and spiritual life, and ensure the safety of the people. Union members, employees (employees) welcome the traditional New Year of the Tiger in 2022 joyfully, happily.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Dien - Chairman of the Provincial Labor Confederation gives Tet gifts to workers during Tet 2021

With the motto "All trade union members and workers have Tet", the Provincial Labor Confederation of Labor requires that, based on the level of the epidemic for each locality, trade unions at all levels need to be flexible and diversify forms of organizing activities. Taking care of Tet holiday for union members and employees on the principle of ensuring practicality, efficiency, right objects, safety, compliance with regulations on epidemic prevention and control. In which, priority is given to union members and employees who are in difficult circumstances, affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, have a labor accident, occupational disease, fatal disease, belong to the beneficiaries of family policies, or have not had any conditions for many years. event to return home to reunite with family during the Lunar New Year, not return home to celebrate Tet to work, labor, produce, etc.

Caring activities will include giving gifts to trade unionists who have labor accidents, occupational diseases, fatal diseases, are affected by natural disasters, storms, floods, lose their jobs due to the Covid-19 epidemic, and have difficult circumstances, each is worth 500,000 VND. Giving gifts to the family of a trade union member who died in a work accident in 2021, One million dong each. Support for bus tickets for trade union members to return home to celebrate Tet. Taking care of and giving gifts to union members and employees in difficult circumstances, affected by the Covid-19 epidemic and cultural, artistic, and sports activities, etc.

To ensure that all union members and employees enjoy Tet, trade unions at all levels need to actively participate with the relevant authorities to grasp the situation, inspect and supervise employers in the implementation of legal regulations, salary and bonus regime law. Measures are implemented to detect and prevent labor disputes, illegal strikes arising during the Tet holiday and promptly and effectively handle them, contributing to ensuring security and order in the locality. Support, advise and guide union members, employees, and employers to complete procedures and documents to receive support packages from the Government. At the same time, propagandize and mobilize union members and employees to celebrate Tet and enjoy the spring in a thrifty and safe manner, strictly following the instructions and regulations of the Ministry of Health and local authorities on the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic and return to normalcy and back to work on the prescribed time.

Translated by Uyen Linh (Source: Binh Thuan Newspaper)

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Binh Thuan strives to ensure all union members and employees to enjoy fully Tet holiday