Binh Thuan: Hoa Thang shines a light on tourism

11/02/2022, 20:20

BTO-The Nature has granted Binh Thuan province a blue sea with more than 190 kilometers long, where the heaven and the earth deftly "mark" on a great gem, Hoa Thang. What should be done to put that gemstone on the national and international tourism map? Please pay attention to the expressions of responsibility.

If you pay attention on the way from Mui Ne to the north, through a curve with a gradient, you will see on the hand side of the road a sign made from plywood discharged with the statements "Stop & Go to the fishing village". It is the spirit outcome of artist Phan Quang, who paints many well-received works of art by international buyers. Such "one-of-a-kind" resort was built with what was accessible, zigzagging between the fishery and the most countryside items. "I invest the money and work collaboratively with fishermen. I would like to study and understand tourism with them", Mr. Phan Quang explained.

Furthermore, this investor also thinks that with the thing is available, it should contribute to creating a proper ecosystem for Hoa Thang to expand both different way and sustainably. "I also have grander ideas. It is making an investment in terrain sports and marine sports to broaden range of products and attract more customers" Mr. Quang highlighted.