Binh Thuan: astonishing “hunting” clouds on Ham Thuan Lake

25/07/2023, 14:37

BTO - Clouds with steam and morning dew mixed in the middle of Ham Thuan Lake in the early morning even visitors can touch them is the most exciting thing. The feeling of "hunting" clouds in the middle of Binh Thuan's sky is hard to describe.

Nature brings each area with its own uniqueness so that feature becomes an advantage. In Binh Thuan’s Tuy Phong district - the land of sunny and windy, where its sun helps locals grow quality grapes, and its wind is used for wind power projects. Likewise, Bac Binh, in the middle of the sandy "desert", there is Bau Trang Lake, which has become an attractive tourist destination. Whereas, Tanh Linh owns poetic Thac Ba waterfall, which is located in the middle of the vast mountains and forests. Particularly in Ham Thuan Bac district, the mountainous communes of Dong Giang, La Da and Da Mi has mild climate which mostly is influenced by the weather from the Di Linh plateau; Therefore, it often rains more than other places. Especially in the area of Da Mi commune, the temperature is always around 4 degrees Celsius lower than the neighboring area, so it creates ideal vacation spots for tourists; especially for those who want to escape from crowded places and find a quiet place, fresh atmosphere with mountains, lakes, rivers view.

I was quite surprised when Ngo Huynh Anh Tuan - Head of Southern Representative Office of MEKONG - ASEAN Newspaper sent me a picture named "Clouds covering the mountains and forests, covering every path...". When sending photos, Tuan asked me a quiz: Do you know that beautiful place in Binh Thuan?" As a local, looking at that beautiful and strange photo, I was a bit confused, then Tuan revealed that he was in Ham Thuan Lake, Da Mi (about 5-7 km from Da Mi Lake). Tuan told me: "Come here with us, a few days ago my friends from Hanoi came to this place and gave a lot of compliments, so I went here and it was so unexpectedly beautiful."

Back to Da Mi this season, it rains cats and dogs. There were days when it rained through the night, in the next morning, although the rain had stopped, the sky was covered with white clouds floating in front of our eyes. After a heavy rain, water vapor accumulates in Da Mi to form clouds floating in the middle of the road. When travelling by motorbike, these clouds sometimes fly over our faces, giving us an indescribable feeling. If you love charming scenery, you can have a cup of coffee on the Cloud and Wind hill while the clouds and sky is right front of your eyes, around 5 to 7 in the morning; It is located on National Highway 55 (about 300 meters from the headquarters of Da Mi Commune People's Committee, going up from La Da T-junction, Da Tro village).

On the other side is the hydroelectric reservoir of Ham Thuan - Da where clouds and steam blend and create all kinds of shapes depending on the each person's imagination. Around 6 am, when the sun comes out, the dawn breaks through the clouds, the scenery is much more beautiful. At this time, visitors begin to "hunt" for clouds because there is enough sunshine for taking colorful and vivid photos. Da Mi is in the fruit season, the durian, avocado, mangosteen, and macadamia trees are ready to be harvested.

In Binh Thuan, if tourists want to enjoy the sea, there are beautiful beaches and many scenic spots from La Gi to Tuy Phong, . As for tourists who want to contemplate "lake - forest - waterfall" and especially for those who is a fan of "hunting" clouds, please come to Da Mi once.


According to Bao Binh Thuan
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Binh Thuan: astonishing “hunting” clouds on Ham Thuan Lake