Rich flavor and delicious aroma of Phan Thiet fish sauce’s OCOP product

06/03/2024, 09:47

BTO - Phan Thiet fish sauce is renowned for its delicious aroma, with a golden or brownish-yellow color, and a lingering fragrance.

Since 2007, it has been officially recognized by the National Office of Intellectual Property (under the Ministry of Science and Technology), recorded in the national register of goods origin under the name “Phan Thiet”, a national asset protected by the state throughout the territory of Vietnam for fish sauce products produced in the city of Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan province.

The traditional fish sauce production industry in the coastal city of Phan Thiet has a history of hundreds of years.

The fish sauce here is pure, made from sea salt and anchovy caught in the local coastal area. Many Phan Thiet fish sauce products have received OCOP certification with a very natural, rich, and indispensable aroma and flavor in Vietnamese family meals.

For those deeply involved in the fish sauce making industry, just by looking at the color and smelling the aroma, they can assess the quality of fish sauce in terms of taste, texture, richness, and so on.

Phan Thiet fish sauce is mainly produced from anchovies caught in the sea of Binh Thuan. Phan Thiet sea has various types of anchovies such as striped anchovy, black anchovy, red anchovy, white anchovy, silver anchovy, sand anchovy… but the best types for making fish sauce are black anchovy and striped anchovy. To produce the delicious Phan Thiet fish sauce bottles, in the initial period, the fish sauce is salted in earthen jars, spread all around. It is known for its delicious aroma, with a golden or brownish-yellow color. It has a rich sweet taste of umami, a lingering aftertaste, smooth texture, and richness of not less than 15 g/liter. This difference is formed from the fermentation process under the sun and wind - high average temperature, low humidity positively impact the fermentation process, a unique feature only found in Phan Thiet with its sunny and windy climate.

Delegates visiting the fish sauce booths at the 2023 OCOP Fair. Tourists tasting the flavor of Phan Thiet fish sauce.

In the city of Phan Thiet, there are several fish sauce brands that have achieved a 4-star OCOP certification, such as: Tĩn fish sauce (Seagull Co., Ltd); traditional fish sauce (Black Fish Co., Ltd); Phan Thiet Mui Ne fish sauce and Suchi pure anchovy fish sauce (Phan Thiet - Mui Ne Fish Sauce Processing and Export Joint Stock Company); aged fermented fish sauce (Quang Long fish sauce business); Ba Hai fish sauce (Ba Hai Fish Sauce Co., Ltd); Toan Huong fish sauce (Toan Huong Phan Thiet Co., Ltd).

Recently, the authorities and departments of Binh Thuan province have provided strong support to OCOP entities, especially for fish sauce products that meet OCOP standards, in promoting the brand, finding customers, expanding distribution channels… As a result, the Phan Thiet fish sauce brand has been connected with many units interested in purchasing products for resale or business, trading in supermarket chains such as Co.opmart, Big C, and distribution networks from North to South. Consumers praise Phan Thiet fish sauce for its distinctive rich flavor and delicious aroma that cannot be found elsewhere. This is because the fish sauce production process here is completely natural, without the use of preservatives, ensuring the quality of the product. With excellent quality and flavor, Phan Thiet fish sauce has become a popular brand trusted by consumers both domestically and internationally.


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Rich flavor and delicious aroma of Phan Thiet fish sauce’s OCOP product