Binh Thuan to become a logistics center of the South Central Coast and the Central Highlands region

09/01/2024, 09:52

BTO - Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha recently signed Decision No. 1701/QD-TTg on December 27, 2023, approving the province’s development plan for the period of 2021-2030, with a vision towards 2050. This will be a new opportunity for Binh Thuan to become the economic center of the region.

Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha during his working visit to Binh Thuan

Keeping on developing the three major pillars

According to the plan, by 2030, Binh Thuan aims to develop and apply science and technology, promote innovation, drive green growth, establish an economy with minimal waste, with a focus on developing three pillars: Industry, with a core focus on clean and renewable energy industry, processing and manufacturing industry, high-tech industry organized into linked clusters; Services, including various types of tourism, health care, entertainment, and marine sports services; training and research services for the application of science and technology; logistics services; Agriculture, with a focus on eco-friendly agriculture, utilizing advanced technology in integrated agricultural-industrial production chains.

From there, Binh Thuan will become a dynamic, fast, and sustainable developing province; prosperous and rich in marine resources, with a higher average per capita income (GRDP) than the regional and national average; a national and international beach resort destination; one of the green energy centers in the country, contributing to greenhouse gas emission reduction, and achieving the commitment of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050; aiming to become one of the training and technology development centers in the region and the country. National defense, security, and sovereignty of the sea and islands are ensured; the Party organizations and political system are strong; the unity of the entire population is enhanced.

The average GRDP growth rate reaches 8%

Specifically, in terms of the economy, Binh Thuan strives to achieve an average GRDP growth rate of 7.5 - 8.0% during the period of 2021-2030, including: Industry and construction increasing by 11 -12% per year (Industry increasing by 12 - 13% per year, construction increasing by 10 - 11% per year); services increasing by 7 - 7.5% per year; agriculture, forestry, and fisheries increasing by 2.5 - 3% per year.

Economic structure: The industry-construction sector accounts for about 44-48%; the service sector accounts for 31-34%; the agriculture, forestry, and fisheries sector accounts for about 15-16%; and product taxes account for 5-6% of the province’s GRDP. The average GRDP per capita is expected to reach around 7,800-8,000 USD. In terms of society, Binh Thuan aims to increase the average per capita income by 2.7-3.5 times compared to 2020; reduce the average poverty rate by 0.4-0.6% per year (according to poverty standards for each period). Labor structure: The proportion of labor in agriculture, forestry, and fisheries is 29.4%; industry-construction is 30.8%; and services are 39.7%.

By 2050, Binh Thuan will become a significant development hub in the Central Coastal region, with a strong and sustainable maritime economy, a modern economic structure, a center for clean energy, a national and international tourism service provider, high-quality healthcare and education, a center for science, technology, and innovation in the region and the country, linked to modern coastal urban areas; the material and spiritual life of the people will reach a high level compared to the region and the country; national defense, security, and sovereignty of the sea and islands will be ensured.

Priority is given to the development of renewable and clean energy.

In terms of development direction, the processing and manufacturing industry will be strongly developed. Specifically, there will be a focus on developing the processing industry for advantageous agricultural, forestry, and aquatic products to increase value-added; creating favorable conditions and effectively implementing investment incentives to attract projects in high-tech industrial products, electrical equipment, electronic components, machinery assembly, automobiles, motorcycles, and supporting industries for renewable and new energy sectors.

Developing and diversifying high-quality tourism products based on the strengths of the sea. Attracting investment in tourism complex projects, luxury resorts linked to entertainment, leisure, commerce, services, sports, and casinos. Establishing and developing large-scale, modern conference centers, exhibitions, shopping, and entertainment centers in the national tourism area of Mui Ne and potential key tourist areas of the province.

Establishing vertical tourism development connections (North-South direction) linked to the high-speed railway line on the North-South expresway, National Highway 1A, and the East-West highway. Developing horizontal tourism connections (East-West direction) linking tourist areas with the Central Highlands provinces, Southern Laos, and Northeastern Thailand. Connecting tourism routes with localities within the region, inter-regional, and nationwide; promoting the development of international tourism routes; attracting investment in ports to serve tourism development.

With the continued development of the three pillars of the economy, Binh Thuan is also identified to be built as one of the logistics centers in the South Central and Southwestern regions. Specifically, Binh Thuan develops transportation and logistics services by road, rail, sea, and air, becoming an important economic sector of the province. Strongly developing seaport services linked to economic zones and industrial parks to promote processing and export activities of agricultural, aquatic, and mineral products.


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Binh Thuan to become a logistics center of the South Central Coast and the Central Highlands region