Province’s Party Leader expects to create a favorable investment environment for further development

09/12/2022, 10:52

BTO- At the 12th session of the 11th Provincial People's Council held on the morning of December 8, Mr. Duong Van An - Member of the Central Committee of the Party, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Head of the Provincial Delegation of National Assembly deputies delivered an important speech on the economic and social situation in the province by 2022.

In which, It is emphasized to focus on removing bottlenecks and implementing breakthrough tasks, works, and projects, positively affecting socio-economic development and people's life.

Several difficulties and problems remain

According to Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Duong Van An, in 2022, the whole political system has made great efforts, focusing on leading and directing the implementation of tasks of socio-economic development, ensuring national security defense, and achieving positive results. Notably, 16 out of 17 key socio-economic development targets met or leapt to the set plan. State budget revenue in 2022 reached VND 11,300 billion, exceeding 33.13% of the estimate assigned by the Provincial People's Council. Mr. An evaluated and reviewed the resolutions, programs, and plans in 2022 as well as through reflections of the people and voters in the province. It can be frankly realized that the socio-economic situation of the province still has a number of difficulties and obstacles.

Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Duong Van An speaks at the meeting (photo D. Hoa)

Specifically, after the Covid-19 epidemic, the results of the implementation of the socio-economic recovery plan show slow speed as the GRDP growth rate is only good, not as expected, and lower than the national average. Although the state budget revenue, including domestic revenue, exceeded the estimate, it decreased compared to 2021. The implementation of 3 national target programs is still slow while other plannings, especially zoning planning; land use plannings, and plans are long-last and sluggish, so there is no basis for implementing works and projects, approving investment policies, etc.

The resolution of voters' petitions is still slow, and confusing. Many petitions have still existed for years and have not been resolved during many terms. Secretary An gave a practical example: "Deputies of the National Assembly and the Provincial People's Council received feedback from voters, and petitioned the province to pay attention to invest in funeral homes and incarnation stations. We have many socioeconomic development projects. It's not difficult to build a funeral home to take care of the deceased, but why can't it be done for many years? We have no land to arrange, no money to build, or no determination to do. I think we lack the determination." In addition, the progress of investment in some key projects of the province, such as the Ca Ty River Embankment Project, DT 719B Road, Phan Thiet Airport, Van Thanh Bridge, the Provincial Theater, and Art Exhibition still slow.

According to the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, in addition to objective reasons, there are many reasons caused by human.

Focusing on untying the knot

Mr. Duong Van An further emphasized that in 2023, Binh Thuan must focus and make more efforts, to speed up the implementation progress of goals, tasks, and solutions. In which, It should focus on removing bottlenecks, deploying breakthrough tasks, works and projects, continuing to promote administrative reform, and creating a favorable environment to attract investment, and develop production and business. He suggests using and allocating resources reasonably, with focus and focus, accelerating the disbursement of public investment capital, contributing to promoting the socio-economic development of the province, and ensuring security and welfare. society, improving the material and spiritual life of the people.

The Secretary asked the provincial People's Council delegates to study and comment on major policies for Binh Thuan, such as ensuring the budget balance by 2025, the construction of Phan Thiet airport, the expansion of Phan Thiet city, promotion of the local potential, advantages that gifted by the nature for economic development, especially renewable energy, tourism, agriculture, etc.

On the other hand, currently, the province has some obstacles in the process of implementing projects, which are previous errors and violations in investment, construction, land allocation, and land lease. If these shortcomings are not resolved soon, they will affect the implementation progress of many projects in the province, and more seriously, the locality may miss many opportunities for development. Mr.An requested the Provincial People's Committee, functional departments, and agencies to actively and proactively review and remove those shortcomings and obstacles. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the effective measures to promptly prevent and strictly tackle in accordance with law acts of encroachment on public land, project land, illegal construction on agricultural land, mining, transporting, and trading in minerals illegally.

Notably, Binh Thuan will host the Visit Vietnam Year 2023. This is an honor and a great opportunity to promote and develop the province's tourism industry. Therefore, the Provincial Party Committee urges the entire political system and the whole people to uphold their responsibilities, work, and unite together. He expected each organization and each citizen can join hands in the smallest things so that we can soon achieve our above targets and goals. Since those works can be well-done, it means that we can provide a better living environment for ourselves and future generations.


According to Bao Binh Thuan
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Province’s Party Leader expects to create a favorable investment environment for further development