International artists “fall in love” with Binh Thuan

13/12/2023, 15:56

BTO - During the first International Performing Arts Festival, the artists also took some time to visit famous landmarks in Binh Thuan. Perhaps, this experience has brought many emotions to the artists who visited Phan Thiet-Binh Thuan (Vietnam) for the first time. Mui Ne Fishing Village was the first place the group stopped to visit.

The simple beauty of this place evoked the inherent simplicity of the members in the group. It is a fishing village separated from the hustle and bustle of the city. Almost all members of the group expressed their interest in the peaceful and serene atmosphere. They did not hesitate to learn about the customs, habits, and daily cultural life of the coastal people.

Professor Israfil from Dhaka University (Bangladesh) expressed: “In Bangladesh, we also have communities of fishermen who depend on rivers, just like here in the fishing village where people depend on the sea. I feel a sense of familiarity. And I want to invite everyone to come to Vietnam to explore and learn about the culture, people, and cuisine here. Even I want to come back.”

Artists are taking souvenir photos at Mui Ne Fishing Village destinations.

In some way, the artists continuously expressed their emotions. They had interesting experiences sitting on off-road vehicles, racing on sand dunes, conquering hills, feeling the thrill as the vehicle descended into the valley, and then standing in front of the endless white sand hills. In the face of the beauty of nature, many artists felt overwhelmed as if in a painting.

Amidst the vast expanse of white sand dunes, the artists themselves felt incredibly small in front of nature. And it was these sand dunes that witnessed the talented French artist Kenjah David coming and shooting a music video for himself, with the comment that this is the Sahara of Vietnam. Kenjah David shared: “I have had the opportunity to visit many landscapes in Vietnam from the North to the South, and now I have the opportunity to come to the Sahara of Vietnam. I love the beauty here, I love the purity with the consecutive sand hills, creating a majestic yet extremely romantic atmosphere. I have made a music video at Mui Ne sand dunes and I hope to release it soon. Everyone will soon have the chance to enjoy and be proud of it.”

nternational artists are always open-minded and friendly in any situation. On stage in the past few days, Kenjah David has always received support from the audience in Phan Thiet.

They have shown genuine love for him because he always gives his all on stage with his own performances. The Rumani artist group was surprised when they came here. This small land is full of poetry and tranquility that can easily captivate people’s hearts, making them desire to be connected.

Artist Doina Rupu said, “I truly had a precious time here. It’s a wonderful place that I really like. Can you believe it? But at this moment, I just want to stay here, to have longer and more lasting experiences.”

After experiencing the landscapes and famous places, the international artist group also took the time to visit the dragon fruit garden, a specialty fruit of Binh Thuan. They witnessed the vast dragon fruit gardens and saw the farmers diligently taking care of the vibrant fruits.

The visit was short due to their daily performance schedule, but it left a lot of beautiful emotions in the hearts of the international artists. For them, these will be the most beautiful memories in their touring journey in the coastal land of Phan Thiet. International artists always receive support from the people of Phan Thiet.


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International artists “fall in love” with Binh Thuan