Da Mi Tourism: A “raw gem" gets started to shine

08/11/2023, 14:35

BTO - Located adjacent to Lam Dong province, Da Mi is considered a "raw gem" in the Ham Thuan Bac district which has a beautiful, poetic natural landscape and mild climate.

A view of Da Mi

“A Raw Gem”

Da Mi belongs to Ham Thuan Bac district, Binh Thuan province. This land is famous for its charming landscapes and mild climate all year round.

There is a natural landscape with two lakes Ham Thuan - Da Mi and fruitful gardens which is a highlight when traveling here. Ham Thuan Lake is 2,500 hectares wide and Da Mi Lake is 600 hectares, both are beautiful natural scenery, with surrounding mountains, hills, and different sizes of islands in the middle of the lake. If exploited properly and to its full potential, this place will be a new destination on the country's tourism map, bringing great economic value to the locality.

However, over the years, Da Mi tourism is still like a hidden "raw gem". No matter how many efforts the locality has made to call the tourism investors, they only stopped at small "spontaneous" investments.

In 2020, Lua Viet Tourism Co., Ltd- Ho Chi Minh City organized a new tour to stimulate domestic tourism after the COVID-19 epidemic with the theme "Follow the Moon from the Forest to the Sea". On those trips, there was a group of journalists from the Vietnam Journalists Association and travel businesses from the southern provinces who visited and experienced tours from Ho Chi Minh City - Cat Tien National Park (Lam Dong) - Da Mi - Ke Ga - Phan Thiet. After staying for 2 days and 1 night at Da Mi, the field trip left an impression on reporters and tourism experts because of its beautiful scenery and tourism potential.

Then, several investors came to investigate and one of them invested in the Green Holiday Ecotourism Area, with a total investment capital of up to 150 billion VND; Step by step it has shaped tourism in Da Mi in the future. For long-term tourism development in Da Mi, Ham Thuan Bac district has also focused on creating a green, clean, and beautiful landscape and encouraging people to join hands.

However, the strong attraction of sea tourism - Binh Thuan's has made the other types of eco-tourism in the province become a "background". Therefore, it is understandable that Da Mi is still a hidden "raw gem" no matter how beautiful it is.

More and more tourists have come to Da Mi

The gem is shining

Recently, everything has changed thanks to the presence of the North-South Expressway. In particular, the DT 714 route is crowded with visitors to the Binh Thuan Provincial Party Committee base relic site in Sa Lon Forest, Dong Giang commune which is upgraded and on the way to Da Mi. That has given Da Mi tourism - the "raw gem" a chance to shine. A lot of people are coming to Da Mi not only to see the sights but also to enjoy typical fruit specialties, especially durian.

Many Da Mi people have boldly invested in tourism, despite some certain difficulties. “I live in Da Mi and see tourists from everywhere coming to Da Mi to visit and enjoy the scenery on the lake, but I have not seen any transportation service here that ensures safety. So, I invested in a lake tour combined with a visit to the orchard, to meet the needs of local people and tourists...", Director of Da Mi Tourism Development Joint Stock Company Mai Van Minh shared. He added that currently the demand for tourists coming to Da Mi is huge, but accommodation and rest are still limited due to problems related to land properties.

Da Mi these days is changing, no longer like a hidden "raw gem".

What Mr. Minh said is consistent with what I saw when I was on a weekend trip to Da Mi, many tourists came to this place. Probably, the most interesting is the boat trip to Te Thien Island, enjoying the mountain and water scenery, visiting the orchards such as durian, jackfruit, mango, macadamia... In addition, visitors can also try some thrilling games like canoe or surfing. That scene has never happened before, this land is starting to change day by day.

Currently, Ham Thuan Bac district policy is concerning, encouraging and creating favorable conditions for businesses, cooperatives, and people to invest in resort tourism and eco-tourism products, forests - waterfalls - lakes, nature conquest tourism, agricultural eco-tourism, community tourism combined with homestays... With this speed and converging all the elements, Da Mi will shine and become a top ecological tourism area in Binh Thuan in particular, and South East of Vietnam in general. Finally, to experience that reality, perhaps we should come to Da Mi once to feel and admire the unique beauty of this place.


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Da Mi Tourism: A “raw gem" gets started to shine