Binh Thuan Wind power "forest" lures great number of tourists

11/11/2023, 17:05

BTO- On the dunes, there are dozens of fan blades as big as "windmills". The light of the sunset even makes the blades more standout in the blue sky. Noticing the gorgeous light, Ms. Lien took selfies sitting on the stairs and facing the ocean to show her virtual friends on the internet the beauty of the forest in golden hour.

Dai Phong wind power "forest"

Living many years in Saigon, Ms. Nguyen Lien rarely had a chance to travel. She only saw wind power through pictures, television, and on social networks. On September 2nd, her relatives took her to Thien Nghiep to visit Thien Quang Pagoda. After that, they take a tour of the Dai Phong wind power "forest" which is not so far from the pagoda.

Mr. Nguyen Huu Lan, a native and a tour guide of Thien Nghiep shared: "Dai Phong wind power in Thien Nghiep (Phan Thiet) is not as big as the one on Binh Thanh hills (Tuy Phong). It is considered the cradle of the wind power industry in Vietnam. Hundreds of wind power turbines are located next to Highway 1, so when passing by Binh Thanh Street, visitors can stop to check in with them...".

Wind power view from Binh Thanh Hills, Tuy Phong

View from Hoa Thang Sand Dune

Coming to Binh Thanh, tourists can also travel on the coastal route. The road to the west is a forest of wind turbines, the towers are giant, and the fan blades are facing the wind and spinning gradually. The most beautiful time is when the sun goes down near the foothill, weaving through the twilight clouds. The sunlight shining through the white clouds even more enhances the beauty and poetry of the Binh Thanh wind power forest.

Phu Quy Wind Power

Not only on the mainland but also on Phu Quy Island, wind power projects will soon be invested in. If visitors travel by helicopter, looking down at the small island, they will feel the enchanting beauty, the bright white wind turbines stand out against the green background of the island. The wind turbine towers on the island are located next to residential areas so that people can see the wind fans easily. In Long Hai, wind powers soar in the blue sky, and poplar forests sway around the towers. The distance between the wind powers is a small winding stone street, along the coast. In the distance, waves occasionally hit the rocks and create white foam... Creating a poetic natural picture.

Binh Thuan's natural conditions of abundant sun and wind are an advantage for developing clean energy. The "wind power forests" of Tuy Phong, Phan Thiet, Ham Thuan Nam, and Phu Quy not only have economic significance and benefits, and limit environmental pollution but are also considered products for tourism and revenue.

At present, Binh Thuan does not only have "forests" of "windmills" on land but also many wind power projects at the sea. Currently, Binh Thuan has 22 wind power projects planned until 2030. Besides, projects already in operation and under construction, there are also 11 wind power projects being submitted to competent authorities for consideration; 8 of those are wind power projects on the ocean surface. The landscapes of "Wind power forests" on land or at sea are a combination of nature and humans that are very attractive to travelers.


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Binh Thuan Wind power "forest" lures great number of tourists