Binh Thuan to promote green tourism products

28/12/2021, 10:58

BTO- Binh Thuan Tourism Promotion Information Center organized a fact-finding tour to the districts of Ham Thuan Bac, Ham Thuan Nam, Tanh Linh and Duc Linh from December 23-26 to make surveys in preparation for building up green tourism products to lure more visitors.

Tourists at Bung Thi hot spring

Joining the tour leaders of the localities above and representatives of travel agencies from Ho Chi Minh city and Binh Thuan province visited and experienced new services in potential destinations, such as : Ham Thuan-Da Mi reservoir, Lady waterfalls, Nui Ong Nature Reserve area, Bien Lac reservoir, three-layer waterfall, Ta Cu Nature Reserve area, Ta Cu mountain, Bung Thi hot spring…

After finishing the tour, they will give their comments and ideas to tourism sector and local authorities in order to better exploit potentiality and advantages of those locations for the development of picnic tours to come to the nature, such as: camping, kayaking, climbing, fishing, waterfall advanture…

Apart from discovering “natural wonders” of green destinations in Ham Thuan Bac, Ham Thuan Nam, Tanh Linh and Duc Linh districts, newly-designed tours also attach special importance to promoting environmental protection, with a series of preservation activities, such as: planting trees, collecting garbage, as well as taking propaganda on preserving ecosystem and biodiversity, along with the contribution to the protection of natural resources at nature reserve areas.

It can be said that nature-based tourism in association with environment protection is not only a trendy travel form that has been popular among many kinds of tourists, but also suitable for the current situation of “safe adaptation, flexibility and effective control of the Covid-19 pandemic”. Promoting green tourism products is expected to help mountainous localities fully exploit their natural advantages and contribute to recovering tourism activities towards green and sustainable tourism.


Báo Bình Thuận
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Binh Thuan to promote green tourism products