Binh Thuan revs up to improve dragon fruit’s quality

06/07/2022, 09:53

BTO – Chairman of Binh Thuan provincial People’s Committee has lately signed a Decision approving the dragon fruit production program under the 2022 VietGAP standards in the province. The Decision aims to improve the quality of dragon fruit, meeting the fruit’s hygiene safety and serving the demand for domestic and foreign markets.

Accordingly, the local dragon-fruit cooperatives, enterprises, and farmers set a target to expand the growing area of dragon fruit according to VietGap standards to 11,900 hectares in 2022.

To reach such a target, the provincial departments, agencies, and bodies focus on propagating and guiding the farmers to participate and establish linkage teams/groups, and cooperatives producing dragon fruit under the regulations of VietGAP. Based on the allocated areas, the functional authorities give guidance to dragon fruit farmers and cooperatives in management, production, and consumption.

Binh Thuan's dragon fruit.

As for the area of dragon fruit with VietGAP certification, it is necessary to strengthen periodic and irregular assessments to maintain products according to VietGAP. At the same time, the certificated establishments are required to strictly implement internal inspections and keep records during the implementation process. Meanwhile, it should focus on guiding organizations and individuals to produce according to VietGAP requirements and carry out registration procedures for re-certification on time, as well as inspect and evaluate to consider re-issuance of certificates for establishments that have requested.

For the area of dragon fruit registered for new certification and re-certification of VietGAP in 2022, the provincial Departments, branches, and localities shall survey, analyze and evaluate the criteria of soil and water samples in the production area; offer training and guidelines on VietGAP requirements; organize fruit sampling and issuing certificates. After certifying, the producers and enterprises must organize periodic and irregular monitoring and evaluation to ensure the maintenance of production according to VietGAP; The in-charge authorities shall also conduct periodic and irregular monitoring and evaluation of the origin of input materials, safety and hygiene conditions of the establishment; the use of chemical preservatives, etc in products during the process of harvesting, preliminary processing and packaging of products, and so forth.


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Binh Thuan revs up to improve dragon fruit’s quality