Binh Thuan: 30 typical rural industrial products recognized as provincial-level prizes

24/06/2022, 08:46 - Lượt đọc: 12

BTO-The provincial judges’ panel of typical rural industrial products of Binh Thuan province 2022 lately met and announced the voting results of products winning the provincial –level prize in 2022.


Accordingly, 45 products from 23 industrial production facilities have registered for voting in 4 groups: handicrafts products (7 products), processed agro-forestry-fishery products and food (36 products), engineering and mechanical products (2 products). Among them, 10 products (from 8 production facilities) were recognized as typical rural industrial products at provincial-level in 2020; 10 new products which have been registered for the title for the first time; and 25 new products from 11 production facilities that achieved the prizes in previous years.

With the scores given by 9 members of the judges’ panel, 40/45 products gained over 70 points and thay also meet all requirements of the voting. However, only 30 products with the highest scores received the prizes according to the project approved by the provincial People’s Committee. Those products are nominated to participate in the  voting for typical rural industrial products of Southern region 2022.


Báo Bình Thuận
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Binh Thuan: 30 typical rural industrial products recognized as provincial-level prizes