Binh Thuan farm produce on sale on the e-commerce platform

28/03/2022, 09:36

As the Covid-19 epidemic triggered, the digital transformation process in the production and business activities of enterprises has increased stronger and stronger. Customers have gradually got familiar with the online shopping model than ever. As for farm produce, this is the time when people, businesses in the province in particular, and the whole country in general focus on bringing their products on sale on the e-commerce platform.


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Developing the agricultural digital economy

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, many challenges have been posed for economic development and social security. Vietnam still keens on implementing solutions to effectively achieving the dual goal of "both disease prevention and economic development". Accordingly, the Government has issued a decision approving the National E-commerce Development Master Plan for the 2021-2025 period. Solutions to supporting the digital transformation process of businesses, strengthen the capacity of systems infrastructure, and support services for e-commerce are furthered, thereby, helping businesses be able to cope with the Covid-19 epidemic.

Particularly in Binh Thuan, the Provincial People's Committee issued Plan No. 4024/KH-UBND dated October 25, 2021, on supporting agricultural production households on the e-commerce trading floor and promoting the development of the agricultural and rural digital economy in the province. To implement this plan, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, relevant departments and agencies have implemented several contents in the past time to support farmers, cooperatives and businesses in grasping and promoting agricultural products on the e-commerce platform, find output to consume products. Most recently, in mid-March 2022, the Sub-department of Agro-Forestry-Fisheries Quality Management (Agro-Forestry-Fisheries Quality Management) coordinated with the Department of Industry and Trade, Binh Thuan Post Office to organize a conference to guide the introduction of agricultural products on an e-commerce floor. Thereby, supporting people and businesses in the production, processing, and trading of agricultural and aquatic products in the province to diversify consumption channels. On the other hand, increase product consumption, in line with current trends. Here, the questions raised and concerns by farmers and businesses such as How to bring products on the e-commerce platform? How to request products on the e-commerce platform? Why joining the e-commerce platform is needed?, etc.

New opportunities for farmers and businesses

Speaking at a conference to guide agricultural products on the e-floor, Ms. Ngo Minh Uyen Thao - Director of the Provincial AFF Quality Management Sub-Department said that the essence of e-commerce is still a trading goods activity but instead of taking place directly through the behavior of individuals and organizations, it will take place on the Internet, the platforms are sales websites, telecommunications networks registered following the law. It is not technically difficult to open an e-commerce site, but for that e-commerce site to operate, advertise well, and have many consumers buying goods by the e-commerce exchange is a needy problem. Besides, to be able to run an e-commerce trading floor requires a lot of resources, both in terms of personnel and human capacity, etc. Therefore, farmers and cooperatives are complete can cooperate with current e-commerce platforms with agricultural product categories such as Voso, Sendo Farm, Postmart, Shopee Farm, etc which have operational capacity, capable of supporting online payment, help transport agricultural products to consumers across the region. Besides, it is possible to take advantage of more direct support resources from central ministries and sectors, and partner e-commerce platforms to achieve the best results and efficiency for the consumption of agricultural products.

Obviously, putting products on the e-commerce floor is a practical and effective form of product introduction. In addition to being able to post full product information to consumers, this is also a useful information channel to probe consumer tastes, interact directly as well as direct marketing communications, receive customer feedback so that the manufacturer has a basis to improve and perfect the product. With the current market trend, it is expected that shortly the number of consumers who buy essential products through e-commerce channels will increase. E-commerce will become an effective buying and selling method not only for establishments and businesses but also bring many new opportunities for businesses in Vietnam and around the world.


According to Bao Binh Thuan
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Binh Thuan farm produce on sale on the e-commerce platform