Various Vietnamese fruits able to be exported to Iran

06/04/2022, 09:15

Iran is a market with high demand for agricultural products and tropical fruits – which are Vietnam’s advantages, heard a recent export consultation session held by the Trade Promotion Agency.

Nguyen Thu Thuy, deputy head of the agency’s Export Promotion Centre, said that with a population of nearly 86 million, the market holds a large consumption volume compared to other countries in the Middle East.


Vietnamese dragon fruit (Photo:

In recent years, the annual trade turnover between Vietnam and Iran has remained at just over 100 million USD – a modest figure considering the latter’s demand for many strong agro-products of Vietnam.

Vietnam mainly exports agricultural and fishery products such as pepper, cashew nuts, tea, coffee, natural rubber products, vegetables, fruits, handicrafts, and timber products to Iran.

According to Nguyen Thanh Long from the Vietnam Trade Office in Iran, Vietnamese and Iranian agro-products hold great complementary effects and do not have much competition within the same product category.


According to NDO
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Various Vietnamese fruits able to be exported to Iran