“Outstanding highlights" in the Binh Thuan’s economic sketch

05/10/2023, 09:15

BTO - In the general context of difficulties and challenges, Binh Thuan's economy in the first 9 months of this year recorded many "highlights", especially in the 3 main pillars (industry - tourism - agriculture).

Thanks to the advantage of hosting the 2023 Visit Vietnam Year "Binh Thuan - Green Tourism Comes Together", plus operation of the national expresways, the primary targets in the tourism section were completed 3 months in advance. Precisely, in the past 9 months, the province is estimated to welcome 6,984 million visitors, an increase of 75.8% over the same period and approximately 104% of the plan, with revenue of 17,675.9 billion VND, a near doubling compared to the same period and exceeded 7% of the project. It also brought the total retail sales of goods and service revenue in the province to about 68,790 billion VND, increasing nearly 30% over the same period and achieving more than 80% of this year's plan. Particularly, service revenue is estimated to reach 8,745.1 billion VND (up 52.85% over the same period last year) and income from accommodation, dining, and travel services reached 16,352.8 billion VND (up 63.21% over the same period.)

A positive "highlight" in Binh Thuan's economic picture (Illustration).

In the industrial sector, so far, the industry's production value (2010 comparative prices) has reached approximately VND 29,700 billion (up nearly 4% over the same period), of which production - distribution of electricity, gas, and water heating, steam, and air conditioning reached VND 12,616 billion (grown 11.42%). At industrial parks in Binh Thuan, through the first 9 months, 6 more investment projects were attracted with a total registered capital of 1,319 billion VND and 3.6 million USD. Notably, several large-scale industrial projects such as Son My LNG Terminal and Son My 2 Industrial Park that are important in Binh Thuan industrial development have been approved by competent authorities.

As for the industry, Agriculture shows that the production situation remains stable, there is nearly 175,900 tons of seafood exploitation (mainly marine exploitation with over 175,462 tons), reached 83.76% of this year's plan and increased 2.41% over the same period last year. At the same time, the locality also drastically implements the Central Government and branches at all levels of direction against illegal, unreported, and unregulated seafood exploitation and solves the shortcomings and limitations in combating IUU fishing according to the conclusions of the European Commission Inspection Team.

Binh Thuan's economic picture “highlights” in the first 9 months are also reflected in the total social investment in the area which is estimated at 30,738.6 billion VND, more than 7.47% over the same period. At the same time, the whole province had 30 new projects granted investment policy approval decisions with a total registered capital of more than 33,600 billion VND, and 29 projects registered for adjustment with a total adjusted capital increase of 6,175.3 billion VND; Moreover, there are 12 projects starting construction, 10 projects going into business operations... Because of the gradual improvement of foreign transport infrastructure in the province, transportation and warehousing activities have also increased in recent times. Meanwhile, Phan Thiet - Phu Quy seaway also operates smoothly with high-quality transportation, creating conditions to serve the travel, sightseeing, and exploration needs of local people and tourists.

However, there are shortcomings such as the difficulties in Production and business activities of enterprises and privates, inadequate linking production Production, processing, and consumption of agricultural products, etc. Notably, the province's export turnover, and total state budget revenue, especially domestic revenue, decreased compared to the same period last year. Disbursement of public investment capital so far has not reached the expected rate. Therefore, before entering the last quarter of the year, the province will strive to complete each task to achieve the highest economic targets, urgently disburse public investment capital, and promote the implementation progress of key projects. On the other hand, Binh Thuan regularly discusses and removes implementation problems of businesses and investors projects, restores production and business, and controls budget collection. For the three economic pillars, the province is implementing solutions to speed up growth in the industrial and agricultural sectors as well as enhance promotion and take opportunities from the expressway's advantage to develop sustainability Binh Thuan tourism. At the same time, actively coordinate and mobilize resources to effectively organize the remaining activities in the series of events of National Visit Vietnam Year 2023 - Binh Thuan - Green Tourism Comes Together and aim for the successful closing ceremony.


According to Bao Binh Thuan
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“Outstanding highlights" in the Binh Thuan’s economic sketch