Newfangled tourist destinations in  pushed forward in Ham Thuan Nam district

23/03/2021, 16:17

BTO – The Center of Binh Thuan Tourism Information Promotion has recently organized a fact-finding tour to detect newfangled tourist sites in the south region of Ham Thuan Nam district.

The surveys offered visitors many interesting destinations such as Bung Thi hot spring, Hon Lan beach, Rock Water Bay resort, Sau Truc garden, and agricultural tourism products, etc.

This activity is a part of the province’s tourism promotion program in 2021 for the purpose of promoting and connecting tours from other provinces with Binh Thuan. In the meantime, it also sets up tourism products for the locality.

According to the Center of Binh Thuan Tourism Information Promotion, due to the Covid-19 impact, almost all international tourism promotion programs have been halted. Therefore, the province is pushing its promotion in domestic markets by introducing historical and cultural heritages, landscapes, specialties, etc. 

Tourism of Ham Thuan Nam district continues boosting its various forms of tourism such as ecotourism gardens, community-based tourism, etc. This approach can not only create new tourism products but also helps promote local tourism thanks to the farming model.

Following are some of the attractive tourist destinations in Ham Thuan Nam districts.

Hon Lan beach
Rock Water Bay ressort
Sau Truc garden.
Bung Thi hot spring.

Translated by My Thien (Source: Binh Thuan Newspaper)

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Newfangled tourist destinations in  pushed forward in Ham Thuan Nam district