Cultural relics preserved and promoted along with tourism development

09/01/2023, 10:40

Cultural tourism or tourism based on exploiting and promoting the value of cultural heritages is being chosen more and more by people and tourists from all over the world. On that basis, the promotion of these addresses is of special interest to our province.

Restore and protect the monuments

Up to now, the whole province has 72 ranked historical-cultural relics and scenic spots. Of which, there are 28 national monuments and landscapes and 44 provincial relics and scenic spots. From this potential, hundreds of thousands of tourists visited Binh Thuan for sightseeing, making a significant contribution to the total revenue of the tourism industry each year.

In order to improve the service of visitors' needs, in the period 2016-2020, 11 provincial and national relics have been restored and repaired by the Provincial and Central People's Committees; including that are 4 provincial relics (Long Huong, Hoa Thuan, Lac Tanh, and Van Ta Tan commual houses) and 7 national relics (Xuan Hoi, Xuan An, Dong An (Bac Binh), Phu Hoi (Ham Thuan Bac), Tu Luong commual house, Duc Thanh School, and Po Sah Inu Tower (Phan Thiet)).

Xuan Hoi communal house (Bac Binh)

Most of the projects have been deployed and put into use on schedule. However, the work of preserving, embellishing, and promoting the value of the Po Sah Inu tower relic has not yet been completed. Specifically, this work includes 2 bidding packages (tower repair package and ancillary and infrastructure work package). The repairing package and embellishing towers of A, B, and C in the original relic have been completed and put into use. The package of auxiliary works and infrastructure, the infrastructure and security kiosks have been completed, and the items of exhibitors and managers are being implemented. The reason for the delay in the progress of the above two items is that was a stone chisel in creating the constructing foundation process (the construction site is a hillside area, with complicated soil, and rock). Currently, the Binh Thuan Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has directed the relevant units (the Provincial Construction Investment Project Management Board, the construction unit, the supervisory team, and the design consultant) to review and complete the estimated increase and decrease to submit to the Provincial People's Committee to adjust the construction investment project soon to complete the work and run as soon as possible.

Particularly in the period of 2021 - 2025, the Provincial People's Committee and the Central Government will support investment in the restoration and repair of 6 provincial relics including the Temple of Master Sai Nai (Phu Quy), Dinh Ong Co, Van Thach Long (Phan Thiet), Tomb Mr. Nam Hai (Tuy Phong), Nghia Trung Tu (Bac Binh), Po Tam Temple (Ham Thuan Bac). Currently, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism is completing the design documents and submitting them for approval, and construction is expected to be completed in the period of 2021 - 2025.

Promote and create destination image

Cultural heritage is a powerful tourism resource. In fact, when cultural tourism develops, traditional cultural values are preserved and promoted. Therefore, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism is continuing to promote propaganda and education activities to raise awareness of mining and investment agencies and businesses. As well as propagating to change the perception of the residential community and tourists to join hands to conserve and promote and preserve the environment of monuments and tourist spaces in the direction of protection and sustainable development.

This includes focusing on and calling for socialization to participate in the restoration, embellishment, preservation and promotion of the values of the relics. To guide the Management Boards of a number of national monuments to mobilize funds and set up projects to restore and embellish many items with their own capital. Specifically, at the monument of Po Nit temple in Phan Hiep commune (Bac Binh), they are repairing the citadel and painting all architectural items of the monument; the relic of Thay Thim's Palace (Tan Tien Commune, La Gi Town) is being repaired around the citadel, the surface of Thay Thim's tomb; Van Thuy Tu relic (Duc Thang ward, Phan Thiet city) is repairing the flagpole, painting the interior and the artifacts of worship and incense inside the relic...

Tourists visit Po Sah Inu tower tower

In 2023, Binh Thuan will host the Visit Vietnam Year. This is an opportunity to promote unique tangible, intangible and natural cultural values to domestic and foreign tourists, creating a push for the tourism industry to recover and develop strongly in the new period. Therefore, the department and related units are focusing on investing in facilities and equipment to serve tourists and training the management team, tour guides, and presenters to present information to visitors. Cultural and art, traditional craft performances, folk games, and souvenirs areas are also organized; At the same time, mobilize the participation and support of local authorities, associations, and mass organizations to ensure security and order, environmental sanitation, food hygiene, and safety, etc. at historical sites; Increase promotion, publicity, and broadcast images and documentary content of monuments on media, television, social networks, etc. with an aim to show domestic and foreign tourists know the unique cultural values of the province which more and more tourists are attracted.


According to Bao Binh Thuan
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Cultural relics preserved and promoted along with tourism development