Charming White Lake in Binh Thuan

04/06/2020, 15:22

BTO – Bau Trang (White Lake), also known as Bach Ho, Bau Cat, Bau Sen, is located 60km far from Phan Thiet city. Dubbed the "pristine desert”, Bau Trang offers visitors an admirable and magnificent view of the vast ​​lake surrounded by majestic sand dunes. The presence of lotus flowers flickering in the middle of the glittering lake has created a gorgeous picture.

On an arrival to Bau Trang in summer, visitors can contemplate the pink color of lotus covering the entire lake as such beautiful followers are in their blossoming season. Early morning and late afternoon are the best time of the day for visiting Bau Trang since the sunshine is mild and the fresh air is on above.

Heading straight along Mui Ne - Hon Rom direction, visitors can get the location by bus with a very cheap ticket price of VND 10,000.

Bau Trang comprises of 2 large lakes: Bau Ong and Bau Ba. In the lotus season, the whole lake is covered with lotus flowers, also known as Bau Sen, with rich ecosystems such as: perch, snakehead, catfish, grass carp, etc.

The lake is surrounded by white sand dunes, pink lotus lake in harmony with beautiful undulating sandy hills. To explore and conquer the desert in Bau Trang, you can use 2 types of vehicles such as off-road motorbike to conquer the sand and a boat to explore immense water surface. The feeling of riding on off-road vehicles to discover the beauty of Bau Trang is an exciting and not-to-missed experience for all tourists when visiting Bau Trang.

After a sightseeing ride to admire the beauty of Bau Trang, it is a must-try experience as you can float on the lake surface by a yacht. When floating on a yacht, visitors can easily behold flocks of fishes under the water of the lake, while enjoying the fragrance of lotus blossom as well as a peaceful atmosphere.

Translated by My Thien (Source: Binh Thuan Online)

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Charming White Lake in Binh Thuan