Binh Thuan to kick off National E-commerce Week and Online Friday 2022

29/11/2022, 15:44

BTO-A national e-commerce week is held from November 28 to December 4 while the 60-hour-Vietnam Online Shopping Day - Online Friday 2022 is scheduled to take place from 12.00AM on Friday, December 2 to 12.00 PM on December 4, according to the Binh Thuan Department of Industry and Trade (MoIT). The participants are business organizations and individuals as stipulated by the Law.

It is known that “National E-commerce Week” covers a wide range of activities, including Live and Online seminar activities with topics on e-commerce and digital technology. Also, the activity of consumer interaction in the online environment, and program-specific incentives for consumers and businesses also take place at the same time.

While "60 hours of Vietnam Online Shopping Day - Online Friday 2022" is deployed on the program's website and application system, providing nationwide shopping codes and promotions for goods and services of large enterprises operating in the field of production - distribution through e-commerce.

On the occasion, the program promotes media propaganda before, during, and after the running time; implements a number of solutions to fight against counterfeits, and fake goods. The week-long event also offers opportunities for enterprises operating in the fields of e-commerce and digital technology to introduce their products, services, and solutions to developing Vietnam's e-commerce.

In addition, it also implements non-cash payment activities with banks and payment organizations and organizes propaganda seminars on the benefits of non-cash payment such as Discounts for consumers when paying online on e-commerce platforms, free and reduced usage fees, online payment services, etc.


According to Bao Binh Thuan
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Binh Thuan to kick off National E-commerce Week and Online Friday 2022