White Lake as beautiful as a landscape painting

16/07/2013, 16:04

BTO – White Lake (Bau Trang) is famous for its eco-tourism destination in Hong Lam hamlet, Hoa Thang commune, Bac Binh district. Visitors can approach this location by two ways.

“Bach Ho”, or “Bau Sen” (Lotus Pool) are the other names of Bau Trang, surrounded by natural freshwater, pristine white sand-dunes and low forests. From a distance, Bau Trang appears as a mysterious landscape painting gifted by the nature thanks to the combination of blooming lotuses, blue water, mallards and other birds of prey on the calm surface of the lake.

Although people called it “White Lake”, it is actually as big as a river withthe length of 5 kilometers. Bau Trang has a total area of 70 hectares, the widest area of 500 meters, the average depth of 5 meters and the deepest site of 19 meters. “Bau Ong” or “Mister Lake” is small but long, whereas “Bau Ba” or “Lady Lake” is wide and deep with lotuses blooming all year round. A plenty of creatures here such as freshwater fishes, strange seaweed, lotus, water lily, etc contributed to a rich ecosystem of the lake.

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Coming to Bau Trang, visitors  will have a feeling of getting lost in an “oasis” amidst the desert by contemplating a beautiful lake’s surface surrounded by white sand hills. In addition, visitors can self-control a rent

 motor-boat, rowboat or ride a bike to explore the different attractiveness of the lake’s surface. Otherwise, camping and fishing are other interesting activities that visitors can engage in at the casuarina forest on the northern shore. Specially, if you like strong and adventurous feeling, you can do sand-sliding or hire motorcycles to conquer Trinh Nu hills.

White Lake enables visitors to integrate themselves into immense and wild nature. Every time you come here, you can get a big surprise at the enjoyable changes of the nature of Bau Trang and Trinh Nu sand hills thanks to the ongoing impact of the sun and wind here.

My Thien (Source: Binh Thuan Online)

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White Lake as beautiful as a landscape painting