Various activities in response to the “Youth Month, Border March” 2024

26/03/2024, 09:34

BTO - In response to the “Youth Month, Border March” program in 2024, the provincial Border Guard Youth Union has carried out many practical and meaningful programs.

These days, the youth of the Tan Thang Border Guard Station (Ham Tan district) are participating in a lot of activities as part of the “Volunteer Day for building new rural area” and “Green Sunday” peak day.

Lieutenant Dinh Quang Tuan, Secretary of the Tan Thang Border Guard Station’s Youth Union, shared: Since the start of the “Youth Month” and “Border March” campaigns in 2024, this is the second program in which the Youth Union has collaborated with the local community and volunteers to implement, including supporting the environment with 6 trash bins for waste classification; organizing 4 environmental clean-up sessions; painting 400 meters of the national flag; conducting 2 sessions on marine propaganda and raising awareness among fishermen on environmental protection; distributing 11 gifts, 6 scholarships, and 50 national flags to fishermen in the area.

The propaganda team of the IUU Prevention and Control Division of the Phu Quy Border Guard Station disseminates information and distributes leaflets to fishermen.

Not only participating in activities to contribute to building a new countryside, developing the economy and society, and reducing poverty, this year’s Youth Month activities are also closely linked to fulfilling the unit’s political tasks. This enhances the role of youth and members in safeguarding sovereignty, especially during the nationwide campaign to combat illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing (IUU).

In March, along the length of the province’s maritime border, from units on the mainland to the remote island of Phu Quy, it is not difficult to see images of youth and members of the provincial Border Guard coming to every vehicle, meeting fishermen directly to disseminate information, distribute leaflets, and guide fishermen to sign commitments not to violate IUU fishing regulations.

Major Huynh Van Phong stated: Two IUU Prevention and Control Propaganda Teams have been established to carry out tasks at Phu Quy Port (Tam Thanh commune, Phu Quy). Since the implementation, the teams have disseminated information to over 100 vehicles, distributed over 250 propaganda leaflets, and requested over 100 vehicles to sign commitments not to violate foreign marine areas for illegal fishing.

Notably, 80 out of 389 youth and members have participated in patrols to protect the area, leading to the arrest and prosecution of 3 drug-related cases; effectively coordinated the organization of peak days such as “Volunteer Day for Building New Countryside,” “Saturday Volunteer Day,” and “Green Sunday.” They have conducted the collection and disposal of over 10m3 of various types of waste, planted 4,000 new trees, cleaned up the environment, installed solar-powered lights, painted 5km of the national flag, attracting nearly 1,000 youth and members to participate. They have also distributed 2,000 national flags, 100 maps of Vietnam, 100 gift packages, and provided free medical examinations and medication to 200 people; conducted over 170 sessions with 250 participants on IUU prevention and control for fishermen in the border maritime area.


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Various activities in response to the “Youth Month, Border March” 2024