Tet market slated for January 2023 in Phan Thiet city

14/11/2022, 09:13

BTO – The 2023 Lunar New Year (Year of the Rabbit) is coming for about more than two months left. According to leaders of Phan Thiet city, the City People's Committee has organized and arranged the business activities of Tet markets to meet the needs of production households, businesses, urban and suburban citizens, and the tradition of the annual Tet market.

Mr. Le Van Chon - Vice Chairman of the City People's Committee said: Tet market is a typical cultural feature of the city in the days approaching Tet. To ensure the transaction at ​​Phan Thiet Market and the surrounding areas are stabilized and the pressure for trading encroaching on sidewalks and roadways is reduced; the Tet market business has been deployed, organized, and arranged by the Phan Thiet People's Committee.

Accordingly, the Tet market is held for six days, starting from the morning of January 16th, 2023 (on December 25th, lunar calendar) and ending at 10:00 AM on January 21st, 2023 (on December 30th, lunar calendar). Remarkably, the north side of Ca Ty River will trigger for ten days, starting from the morning of January 12, 2023 (on December 21st, lunar calendar) and ending at 10:00 AM on January 21, 2023 (on December 30th lunar calendar.)

There are 18 locations, which are streets and sidewalks near Phan Thiet market and road sections from Buu Quang Pagoda to the intersection of Thu Khoa Huan - Le Duan streets; from the junction of Le Hong Phong - Le Duan streets to Truong Chinh street is planned to be arranged for small household business.

People buy apricot flowers for Tet decoration. Documentary photos

According to the Management Board of Phan Thiet Market, the organization and arrangement of the Tet market business are guaranteed according to the plan; the market management board will organize the drawing and division of plots from December 23rd, 2022, to January 6th, 2023 (from the 1st to the 15th of December lunar calendar); publicly announce the arrangement of the Tet market area for small businesses to complete registration before January 6th, 2023. At the same time, it will preside over and coordinate with the Duc Nghia ward People's Committee to arrange trading at the registered location and install a speaker system for convenient operation.

The authorities of Duc Nghia, Duc Thang, Lac Dao, Binh Hung, Phu Trinh, and Phu Tai wards will announce the business plan and trading locations to households that want to register, receive registration applications, collect fees, issue land use permits and hand over lots to ensure the right business lines allowed in each regulated area. At the same time, they also inspect and require business households in the areas under the province's management to register their business during the 2023 Tet market; check the safety of the electricity and water connection; synchronize a time to Binh Thuan Urban Services and Environment Joint Stock Company for daily garbage collection; send forces to urge and remind business households to clean up and return the premises at the end of the Tet market at the prescribed time.

Particularly, the Urban Management Department will cooperate with localities to check that business households do not cause damage to city infrastructure such as sidewalks, trees, parterres, lighting systems, etc. At the same time, they take the initiative to work with Binh Thuan Urban Services and Environment Joint Stock Company and propose the immediate cleanup of garbage-generating places that cause environmental unsanitary before, during, and after the Tet market operation.

According to Mr. Le Van Chon, Phan Thiet City People's Committee has requested each commodity in the Tet market area must be arranged in a suitable and convenient place for business activities, sightseeing and shopping of the people. Trading goods must ensure quality, food safety, and price according to regulations. At the same time, ensuring security and order, traffic safety, fire prevention, and fighting safety and environmental sanitation, and urban beauty. Le Hong Phong Bridge will be handed over soon to the Phan Thiet Military Command to conduct fireworks on New Year's Eve - the Year of the Rabbit 2023.


According to Bao Binh Thuan
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Tet market slated for January 2023 in Phan Thiet city