Scholarships, gifts in support of disadvantaged students to start the new school year

06/09/2018, 13:43

BTO- On the occasion of opening the new school year 2018-2019, many organizations, sponsors and benefactors inside and outside the province presented teaching equipment to schools, gifts and scholarships to poor students in outlying areas.

* In Ham Tan district, the Vietnam Investment Review (directly under the Ministry of Planning and Investment) in partnership with DRH Holdings JSC gave 50 scholarships (worth VND 1 million each) to poor pulpils in the district, 20 computers to Son My 2 primary school and Tan Minh secondary school.

* In the northern district of Tuy Phong, the Vietnam HTV.BT join stock company brought 3,000 notebooks and 90 scholarships (VND 1 million each scholarship) to poor studious students in primary schools of  Phan Ri Cua 3, Phan Ri Cua 5, Phan Ri Cua 6 (Phan Ri Cua townlet). It is known that the company is investing in a 15-hectare residential area in Phan Ri Cua with a total investment capital of VND 120 billion. This project, which started construction on August 10, is expected to help change irban appearance of Phan Ri Cua townlet.

* The Binh Thuan-based Rang Dong group recently organized an event to present scholarships to children of the group’s staffs with high scholastic results in 2017-2018 school year, making the best preparation for them to begin the new academic year. Accordingly, 295 excellent pupils and students received scholarships ranging from VND 3 million to 10 million. The total scholarships are valued at nearly VND 180 million.

 * In the opening ceremonies of the new school year, Sun Taxi Group-Binh Thuan branch gave 20 gifts (including notebooks, school stationery) to students with difficulties in Lam Hoa primary school (Ma Lam townlet-Ham Thuan Bac distrcit) and Hung Long 1 primary school (Phan Thiet city).

Phuong Lan (Source: Binh Thuan Online)

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Scholarships, gifts in support of disadvantaged students to start the new school year