Phan Thiet joins hands to make the world cleaner

19/09/2023, 15:33

BTO – The campaign to make the world cleaner in 2023, themed "Joining hands to act for a cleaner world" aims to raise public awareness about environmental protection;

encourage community activities and movements for the environment, towards a green and circular economy, and sustainable development; effectively implement Vietnam's commitments to the international community on environmental protection and climate change adaptation.

Phan Thiet people join hands to clean the beach.

To deploy activities in response to the city’s Campaign, the Chairman of Phan Thiet City People's Committee Phan Nguyen Hoang Tan asks the Department of Education and Training to preside over and coordinate with educational institutions to promote and integrate environmental protection education content into the main subjects and educational activities. Thereby, these can help students realize that protecting the environment and building green, clean, beautiful, and safe schools is a useful and meaningful activity. Moreover, it also helps them to discuss, propose, and actively participate in taking care of their classrooms, flowers, and ornamental plants. Subsequently, it cultivates and changes students’ behaviors and habits appropriate to the two school environments, knowing how to preserve and protect a green, clean, beautiful, and safe environment in places of learning and living.

Chairman Tan also requested the Management of Tourist areas to boost propaganda on environmental protection, nice behavior to nature, and eliminating the thought of exchanging the environmental benefits for their own economic profits.


According to Bao Binh Thuan
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Phan Thiet joins hands to make the world cleaner