Phan Thiet city’s expansion plan gains many breakthroughs

24/03/2023, 10:02

BTO - The Standing Board of the Provincial Party Committee, term XIV, has just agreed on expanding and directing the orientation of some vital areas of Phan Thiet City.

Determining finish before the year 2030

Phan Thiet city is the center of politics, economy, culture, science-technology, and sea tourism urban of Binh Thuan province, and has an important strategic position in the defensive area of the province and the 7th Military Region.

Ca Ty River - Photo: N.Lân

In the construction and development process, the Standing Board of Phan Thiet City Party Committee has set a goal of developing Phan Thiet city to meet the first class urban in 2030. However, the scale of the city's planned area, the amount of infrastructure investment, etc. does not correspond with the role, and the location, as well as has not made any breakthroughs in the city's development. Therefore, it is necessary to concentrate resources on planning, investing, and developing the city to be comparable with its role as a nuclear city, a leader, and a socio-economic development motivation of the province.

Policy and orientation to expand Phan Thiet city has been set by the Provincial People's Council and the Provincial People's Committee, term 2006 - 2011, however, the above policies have not been implemented so far. According to the direction of the Prime Minister at the meeting with the key provincial officers at the end of August 2022, the Standing Board of the Provincial Party Committee agreed on the expanding and planning policy at several major areas in Phan Thiet which is determined to finish before 2030.

719B Road – Photo: N.Lân

The formulation of Phan Thiet city Expansion Project and orientations of some key areas of the city must aim at building a modern, civilized, green, clean, and beautiful Phan Thiet; Making Phan Thiet becomes a city with high quality of life, an attractive destination wooing domestic and foreign tourists and investors. The planning must have a long-term vision and ensure the scientific and practical, synchronous, interconnected; systematic; set long-term and sustainable development goals, prioritize the people's benefits and the community, and the development of the city in particular, and the province in general, above all; avoid local, group interests in the construction of the Scheme.

Phan Thiet is a coastal city with a coastline of about 57 km; However, the coastal axis of Phan Thiet is now divided by estuaries, existing residential areas, tourism projects, and urban areas. The construction planning, landscape, and environment of the coastal area are not beautiful, many locations have been licensed to build tourist works close to the sea, and some places are licensed to build high-rises, covering the view; There are not many public beach areas serving people and tourists in the city. Therefore, the city needs a throughout coastal route from the North (adjacent to Hong Phong commune, Bac Binh district) to the South (adjacent to Thuan Quy commune, Ham Thuan Nam district), creating a main route interconnected to the coast.

Prioritize roads and bridges construction at estuaries at Phu Hai, Thanh Hai, Phu Thuy, Hung Long, Duc Thang, Lac Dao, Duc Long wards, and Tien Thanh communes (such as overpasses of Cai estuary, roads over the river estuary, roads, etc.) coastal road connecting from road No. 1/5 (Phu Hai ward) to the overpass of Cai river mouth to Le Loi street; overpass of Ca Ty river mouth; coastal road connecting from Le Loi street, Ca Ty river crossing bridge to the road Tran Le, Lac Long Quan street).

In the mentioned areas, there is no planning, and no permit to build (new version) sea-side works to create a clear beach and enhance access to the sea for local people and tourists. For projects that are legally eligible for transitional terms, it is necessary to discuss with investors to resolve appropriately in the spirit of ensuring harmony between the interests of the State, people, and businesses with the view of placing the interests of the Government, the people, and the community above all.

Resolutely withdraw projects that have been licensed for investment and construction in the above-mentioned coastal protection areas if they have not been deployed or delayed building parks, and public works and serving the community. Research and implement the plan to relocate residential areas to the seaside of Lac Long Quan Road, DT.719 road to the opposite side. In the process of resettlement arrangement, it is necessary to research and select a convenient and suitable location for people to live with marine occupation or develop tourism services with the motto: "After the land is revoked, the old owners must have a place to live, ensuring a life equal to or better than the old residence.

Outstanding plan in some important areas, building connecting roads.

The building of riverside roads on both sides planning, connecting from the upstream side (Ham Hiep, Ham My communes) to the Duc Thanh bridge project; Construction planning of the urban area south of Ca Ty river (Tien Loi commune) beautiful and modern with appropriate and harmonious construction density, associated with creating a land fund for resettlement arrangement for people; Planning the Le Duan - Nguyen Tat Thanh route connecting Le Loi street into the development axis of a commercial-service - tourism center, and a vibrant night economy, administrative areas of the northern province of the flood drainage canal, new urban areas, residential areas, and new services in association with the expansion of Phan Thiet. Planning and investing in a new Provincial Sports Complex in a suitable location.

The city plans and builds important traffic routes to expand the city's space; invest in roads connecting urban areas along the North-South axis. Routes connecting the city center with suburban areas, routes connecting to Phan Thiet Airport; routes connecting coastal roads and coastal areas with National Highway 1A - North-South Expressway (East) - High-speed railway. Calculating the plan, proposing the investment route to bypass the city (new).

In the process of implementation, difficulties, and challenges will inevitably arise, so it is necessary to have strong determination and great efforts of the whole political system, "talk the talk, walk the walk", especially key officers of the province and city; besides inspection and supervision, it is necessary to create a consensus among the people to strive to make Phan Thiet city become a first-class urban in the future".


According to Bao Binh Thuan
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Phan Thiet city’s expansion plan gains many breakthroughs