Diversified OCOP products reach local consumers

22/07/2021, 13:29

BTO- Under the Implementation of the Program, named “One Commune, One Ward, One Product (OCOP)” in the province for the period of 2018 - 2020, Binh Thuan has so far evaluated and classified dozens of OCOP products. In order to make the products widely promoted, it should create and boost a good connection between the OCOP products with the consumers.

OCOP Binh Thuan products introduced at OCOP An Giang fair

Starting with featured products

Mr. Huynh Van Dung, Ca Den Company Limited (Phan Thiet City), the owner of 2 products, fish sauce, and seasoning fish sauce, achieving the 4-star OCOP standard at the provincial level, said: “Through specialized government agencies,  I knew about the program and brought the company's traditional fish sauce to participate. After the product was awarded 4 stars, the company changed the packaging and printed the label in accordance with the OCOP program. The company's traditional fish sauce has been attended a number of fairs and exhibitions outside the province, hoping to find more domestic customers to know about the products." 

Binh Thuan province with diverse tourism resources such as long and beautiful coastline, typical festivals, famous tourist attractions, and especially rich in local specialties products. This is an advantage that makes OCOP products successful, starting to reach out domestically and internationally. After 2 years of implementing the program, in 2020 the Provincial People's Committee recognized 56 provincial OCOP products, of which 26 products awarded 4-star standards, the remaining 30 products reached 3-star standards. Implementing the OCOP program, the province expects to restructure agricultural production to promote rural economic development, improve incomes and people's living standards. This contributes to the effective implementation of the group of criteria "Economics and Organizations" production organization" in the National set of criteria for new rural construction. In order to develop OCOP products, the province is not only focusing on organizing production to promote the strengths, potentials, and quality of local products,  but also promoting support and promotion activities of trade OCOP products to consumers and expanding consumer markets.

Connection of OCOP products

 Mr. Ngo Minh Trang - Director of the Provincial Rural Development Sub-Department said: "Currently, there is a national OCOP trading floor, which connects localities to access OCOP products of provinces as well as bring products to customers. The local OCOP participates in the national or local OCOP fairs and invites both to promote and introduce OCOP products from the provinces to the locality. However, the complicated development of the Covid-19 pandemic, the difficulty of funding, disrupted the implementation of the next steps of the program that means not doing much for the standard products to promote the products”.

Currently, the Sub-Department works with Ca Den Company Limited to temporarily display OCOP products of the province, bringing provincial OCOP products to participate in OCOP fairs in An Giang, Phu Quoc, etc.

Currently, in many provinces and cities across the country, OCOP products have been put into supermarkets, which is a stable and effective channel for displaying, distributing, and consuming goods for OCOP products. Therefore, it is necessary to make this connection soon so that people and tourists know, learn and use OCOP products of the province. In the long term, to connect OCOP products to consumers, it is very important that the province invests in an official booth displaying OCOP products, typical agricultural products of the province.

In 2021, the whole province strives to have 10 to 20 more potential products of localities that are certified with  OCOP from 3 stars. There are 10 more economic organizations, producing and trading advantageous products of the province to bring OCOP certified products to domestic and international consumers.

Translated by Uyen Linh (Source: Binh Thuan Newspaper)

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Diversified OCOP products reach local consumers