Binh Thuan to promote consumption on typical agricultural products during Tet

05/01/2022, 10:28

BTO - The 2022 Lunar New Year (Year of the Tiger) is coming and leading to an increase in consumer demand for goods and necessities, especially agricultural specialties, and brings more opportunities to promote the consumption of OCOP products.

Boosting productivity

These days, Nam Trang One Member Limited Liability Company (in Dong Ha commune, mountainous district of Duc Linh) has increased its productivity so as to brace for Tet orders. This is a product line that has just been certified with 4-star OCOP at a provincial level in 2021. Mr. Nguyen Van Nam - company representative said: "During Tet, confectionery products always have larger market than usual. Despite facing competition with imported goods, consumers now have a preference in consuming Vietnamese goods and specialties. Therefore, I still believe that my product will be warmly welcomed by the domestic markets.” By taking advantage of the abundant raw material area of ​​Duc Linh district, cashew nuts contains higher amount of protein and nutritional substance than most candies from other nuts, mixed cashew nut candy was born in 2014. Processed products initially affirm the typical brand of Duc Linh district through the processing and implementation of a quality standard cashew link chain with farmers in the local raw material area. According to the company's production plan, in 2022, it will continue to market about 20,000 boxes of mixed cashew candies to serve the market. Up to now, the product has been received by many customers in the province and some provinces in the country such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Vung Tau, Hue, and some tourist destinations and are aiming for export.


As for the half-dried squid and squid products, Phan Thiet Seafood One Member Co., Ltd which has just been rated as 4-star OCOP product at the provincial level in 2021, these days are busy with Tet orders. Mr. Nguyen Van Chien - company representative said: "The company is preparing to supply orders for long-term partners in Hanoi, in addition to stable supply for a number of restaurant business locations in the province and outside the province. This year, the impact of the epidemic has affected the source of raw materials, plus near the Tet holiday, the source of raw materials is not abundant, and the consumption is high, so it is difficult. On average, the company sells 15 tons of squid a day and 7,000 liters of fish sauce at the peak of Tet.

OCOP products as gifts

Binh Thuan province has a variety of traditional and local specialties such as fish sauce, dried seafood, poultry eggs, fresh fruit, and products processed from dragon fruit, cashew nuts, etc. Recently, the Evaluation Council, the program classification one product per commune (OCOP) has just ranked 14 more OCOP products from 3 to 5 stars, waiting for the province to have a decision on recognition. In 2020, our province has 56 products recognized as provincial OCOP products from 3 to 4 stars. Therefore, promoting trade promotion activities, connecting supply and demand of agricultural products, and at the same time supporting cooperatives and businesses to promote and trade directly with distribution systems, supermarkets market, thereby meeting market demand at the end of the year is a common desire of many business households, cooperatives, and enterprises. OCOP products of the province are very diverse, ensuring quality and food safety. In order to promote consumption along with the traditional way of consumption, putting OCOP products in gift packs and Tet gift boxes will help products increase competitiveness, spread to the market, and contribute to the development of the OCOP Binh Thuan brand. At the same time, the locality needs to strengthen propaganda and encourage the use of OCOP products as gifts and gifts for visitors inside and outside the province, as well as foreign guests on the Lunar New Year 2022.


According to Bao Binh Thuan
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Binh Thuan to promote consumption on typical agricultural products during Tet