Binh Thuan to intensify investment attraction for agricultural development

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BTO-Over the past time, Binh Thuan authorities have issued a series of mechanisms, solutions and preferential policies to encourage investment in agricultural development, especially hi-tech agricultural projects that have helped the local agriculture sector make remarkable progress.

Focus on attracting agricultural projects with hi-tech applications

Binh Thuan now has a total cultivation land area of 677,000 hectares, with nearly 80 connected irrigation systems, which are providing water supplies for crops and production in the northern and southern districts. Binh Thuan is one of the driest areas in Vietnam with severe dryness. In the recent years, local authorities have paid special attention to calling investment in hi-tech agriculture, which focuses on mechanization and automation for all production steps, from breeding, caring, harvesting to processing agricultural products; applying bio-technologies into the production of high-quality plant and animal varieties; forming advanced agricultural production models with high economic efficiency.

In period 2016-2020, Binh Thuan has boost investment promotion for projects to develop effective and sustainable agriculture with hi-tech applications. At the 2017 investment promotion conference, the province has introduced its potentials and advantages to attract domestic and international investors, with a series of important projects to effectively exploit the province’s key sectors, as follows: dragon fruit cultivation, shrimp breed production, beef and dairy farming.... The 2019 investment promotion conference of Binh Thuan has also called investment in smart agriculture development with advanced technologies. At the same time, the provincial government has also announced the plant to build a value chain for farming, breeding and processing in accordance with international standards  and adaptation to climate change. In a five-year period (2016-2020), Binh Thuan province has approved the investment certificates of 53 agricultural development projects, with a combined registered investment capital of nearly VND 6 trillion and a total land area of over 2,830 hectares. Up to now, 21 projects are in stable operation while 18 others are undergoing construction. At the same time, 14 projects are completing investment procedures.

With the purpose of meeting requirements to comprehensively redevelop  hi-tech agriculture in Binh Thuan, the province’s authorities have set up a master planning for hi-tech agricultural development towards 2020, which focuses on building hi-tech agricultural areas  in the communes of Song Luy, Binh Tan,Hoa Thang and Luong Son townlet (Bac Binh district), with a total land area of more than 2,000 hectares. Many areas specializing in dragon fruit production with hi-tech applications have been set up in the districts of  Ham Thuan Nam and Ham Thuan Bac.

During that period, local government has implemented concrete solutions to remove difficulties and challenges in production and business towards better improving investment environment.

Keep on calling investment projects in smart agricultre with advanced technologies.

Over the past time, Binh Thuan has gained some remarkable achievements in investment promotion in the development of agriculture and rural areas, but investment promotion activities are not attractive enough for domestic and international investors.

For the period 2021-2025, Binh Thuan will also focus on attracting investment projects to develop smart agriculture with modern technologies; building up an international-level value chain for cultivation, breeding and processing. The provincial authorities pledge to create the best conditions for investors to carry out their projects. Binh Thuan will intensify restructuring agriculture towards developing large scale production in association with preservation, processing and consumption under the value chain. Production scale of major crops will be expanded with hi-teach applications.

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Binh Thuan to intensify investment attraction for agricultural development