Binh Thuan beefs up promoting external communications by 2021

22/12/2020, 15:26

BTO – A much more comprehensive and concentrated plan of improving and expanding external information will be deployed by the authorities of Binh Thuan in the new year of 2021.  By there, the central coastal province of Binh Thuan will continue strengthening incentive policies on socio-economic development, investment attraction in accordance with Vietnam’s Laws.

The move aims to lift up images of the country, people, history, culture as well as achievements in the socio-economic development of Vietnam in general and Binh Thuan in particular to the world. Such activities will be closely combined with external and internal information in terms of politics, business, culture, and the Party’s and State diplomacy, and People’s foreign affairs.

As entering the New Year 2021, Binh Thuan is focusing on propagating all celebrations of major holidays, important facts, cultural events of the country and the province. At the same time, it also disseminates to raise people’s awareness of international integration requirements, opportunities, challenges, and significant tasks when joining international organizations, etc.

Under a recently-built 2021 External Information Deployment Plan of the provincial People’s Committee, the province focuses on promoting diversified activities to raise its image. Particularly, it can be mentioned to trade and investment promotion event, tourism, product introduction, the province’s goods and services when participating in regional or national trade fairs.

Overall, all are heading towards intensifying and popularizing the local advantageous products, strengths, potentials, and brand-named businesses in the province.

In the New Year 2021, the locality keeps coordinating with Press agencies inside and outside the province to promote some local products related to communicate information. Hence, an impressive image of Binh Thuan will be widely spread by exploiting unique features of natural landscapes, traditional trading facilities/villages, and tourist destinations. Moreover, it also pushes the promotion of local activities through domestic and international events, exchange programs, international cooperations, investment promotion, or receptions of international delegations and guests, etc.

To bring much more efficiency, the province assigns tasks to relevant bodies and agencies to perform the 2021 External Information Deployment Plan. In which, the Department of Communications and Informations is urged to manage and control the province’s information of external relations as well as implementation progress. For the part of the Department of Industry and Trade, it takes charge of propagating FTA, organizing and participating in trade promotion conferences and exhibitions domestically and internationally. Thereby, it can focus on promoting and introducing the local potentials, strengths, advantageous products, brand of business, fostering to expand consumption markets to other countries in the region and all over the world.

Meanwhile, the Department of Planning and Investment is assigned to assume and coordinate with other agencies and departments to provide information related to external relations, economic incentives to attract investment capital to the province. Remarkably, the next investment promotion conferences could be held to pave the way for the province’s image promotion and attraction.

Regarding the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, it can coordinate with the Department of Communications and Informations and relevant units to deploy foreign affairs in the areas of culture, sports, and tourism, etc.

With the great join of the above-said departments and localities, hopefully, the province’s information of external relations by 2021 is expected to reach a new level and fully meet the required missions.

Translated by My Thien (Source: Binh Thuan Newspaper)

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Binh Thuan beefs up promoting external communications by 2021