6 things must be speeded up to recover the economy in 2022

13/01/2022, 09:33

BTO- That is the direction of Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Duong Van An at an online conference of the Provincial People's Committee to implement the Socio-Economic Development Plan and the 2022 budget estimate taking place on January 7th, 2022.

Looking back at 2021, the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee reviewed the results achieved in all fields in the context of the complicated development of the Covid-19 pandemic in the province from July to mid-October, when Binh Thuan was the gateway of the southern provinces. Specifically, the province's socio-economic performance in 2021 achieved and exceeded 12 out of 17 key targets. Notably, budget revenue reached VND 13,383 billion, exceeding 60.86%, of which domestic revenue was VND 10,060 billion, exceeding 67% of the plan; the disbursement progress of public investment capital is high; Attracting social investment increased quite well (8.6%), national key projects such as highways and Phan Thiet airport project were not interrupted much in construction and the basic construction volume was ensured.


At the same time, the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee also pointed out a number of shortcomings and limitations, so that the conference could focus on analyzing and taking experience. In order to well implement the socio-economic development plan in 2022, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee higlighted the following 6 issues. In particular, the first problem must be overcome the negligence in implementing the state's legal policies, concretizing local policies, implementing administrative procedures of state management agencies in the province. From the PAPI indexes, etc., which have been downgraded over the years, along with the slow situation in handling investment procedures of projects. It has now become a bottleneck hindering the development of the province.

At the Online conference.

The Secretary emphasized that these are obstacles from the subjective, so if officials and civil servants have high determination and great efforts, they can be solved without money and support from the Central Government like the two bottlenecks of the province which has removed in the past about foreign traffic overlapping titanium planning and the other plans. Therefore, it is requested that the Party Committee of the Provincial People's Committee, the Party Committee of the People's Council, the Standing Committees of the districts and towns, the Party Committees of the provinces, the People's Committees of the provinces, districts, agencies need to launch an emulation movement; research to improve the sense of responsibility, improve work efficiency, dynamism, creativity, dare to think, dare to do, dare to take responsibility, for the main work.

Secondly, have a plan for economic recovery in a smart, creative, scientific way, not to miss the beat, stay slower than the general recovery trend of the country, and have a higher recovery rate, because Binh Thuan is at a stage where there are many opportunities, it is an attractive destination to attract capable investors. Hence, the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee suggested that all levels, branches, and localities focus on 3 pillars: Industry, agriculture, and tourism. Innovation, digital transformation, economic space restructuring, urban economic development, promotion of regional linkages, and urban-rural linkages are the key tasks. At the same time, the Resolutions issued by the Provincial Party Committee are needed to closely follow the reality of each sector and field to concretize the implementation. Sectors and localities must emulate, support, and coordinate closely with each other in economic recovery.

Thirdly, public investment leads to private investment, helping to create supply to stimulate aggregate demand, making economic activities according to the law of supply and demand more harmonious. Thereby, economic recovery is promoted faster showing clearly from the results of public investment in 2021 of the province. Therefore, the Standing Board of the Provincial Party Committee hopes that the branches and localities work together more closely and responsibly to accelerate the disbursement of public investment capital, soon complete the works and projects, put them into operation, and utilize. Thereby, socio-economic is promoted to develop.

Fourthly, having entered the phase of living with the epidemic, the health sector and localities need to follow the regulations of the Ministry of Health to take safe adaptation measures. Do not let epidemics break out, do not overload the health system, and limit deaths in cases of Covid-19 infection. At the same time, well implement social security policies, pay attention to better support the poor, people in difficult circumstances, and people affected by the epidemic.

Fifthly, the Provincial People's Committee, departments, branches, and localities are requested to pay attention to the field of social culture, invest in culture commensurate with economic development. Because culture is an endogenous source of development.

Sixthly, the current urban situation in the province is not beautiful, not clean, and not civilized. Phan Thiet and La Gi town have to take the lead in urban embellishment, building a civilized and modern city. Next are the towns in the districts. Taking urban embellishment as a model, creating a spillover effect to build a green-clean-beautiful-smart new rural.


According to Bao Binh Thuan
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6 things must be speeded up to recover the economy in 2022