Voting for “Binh Thuan’s Lau tha” as Vietnam’s top-ten special dishes

25/05/2016, 16:32

BTO – The Vietnam Book of Records (Vietkings) and Top Vietnam Center has recently selected and nominated Binh Thuan’s “Lau tha” to the vote for the Top 10 must-try dishes in Vietnam. After the voting, the best 10 dishes will be publicly announced and recommended to all nationwide and worldwide tourists to Vietnam.

“Lau tha”, a special hotpot made from fresh fish, egg, pork and vegetable, has become popular among the foodies. Unlike other hotpot, all ingredients and raw materials of Lau tha are stowed separately in the red husks of banana’s flower so that diners can freely choose their favorite ones and pour the boiling broth on the ingredients. Otherwise, diners can eat “Lau tha” in dry style, that you do not pour the boiling broth on the ingredients, but the sauces made from a mixture of tamarind, roasted peanut, ripe banana, pepper, and garlic and fish sauce.

All Binh Thuan people and foodies who love “Lau tha” dish are respectfully invited to access to the website (specializing in promoting the top values of Vietnam and the world) to vote for “Binh Thuan’s Lau tha”. The voting period lasts until May 28th.

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Voting for “Binh Thuan’s Lau tha” as Vietnam’s top-ten special dishes