Phan Thiet boosts the management of tourist destinations

07/12/2023, 09:38

BTO - The Chairman of the People’s Committee of Phan Thiet City Phan Nguyen Hoang Tan, has recently requested the city’s agencies, units, and the People’s Committee of wards and communes to strengthen the management of tourist destinations.

Accordingly, it is necessary to enhance the guidance on managing tourism activities in various tourist areas and destinations. It is important to inspect the implementation of state regulations in tourism activities in order to have measures to control service quality at these areas and destinations, and to improve the quality of tourism products and services for tourists.

Of which, collaboration is needed to promote and advertise the destinations, organize events to attract domestic and international tourists, and foster the development of tourism products between localities and businesses. Efforts should be made to promote civilized behavior among tourists at the destinations. Timely coordination is also crucial in providing information and resolving complaints from tourists within the city.

The People’s Committee of the city should continue to implement Resolution No. 82 dated May 18, 2023, by the Government on tasks and key solutions to accelerate the effective and sustainable recovery and development of tourism; effectively organize the implementation of the Phan Thiet City Tour Project, etc.

In addition, the Management Board of Ham Tien - Mui Ne Tourist Area and Doi Duong - Tien Thanh Tourist Area should regularly remind tourism service businesses in the area to strictly comply with tourism and related laws. Proactive measures should be taken to inspect and upgrade facilities, service procedures, and ensure security, safety, and service quality for tourists, as well as comply with regulations on fire prevention and control, ensure food hygiene and safety in tourism businesses, implement environmental protection measures, and properly collect and treat waste according to regulations. Strict adherence to price transparency regulations is also necessary. Strengthening the inspection and control of tourism service businesses in the area, especially addressing and handling cases of tourist exploitation, low-quality sales, and fraudulent practices.

The police force regularly strengthens patrol and control activities to ensure security, order, and safety for tourists, as well as to prevent fire and explosion incidents. They organize traffic inspection, guidance, and flow management to prevent accidents and congestion, creating favorable conditions for accessing tourist areas. They also conduct inspections, detect, prevent, and decisively handle any behaviors that pose a threat to the safety of tourists, especially in terms of transportation, such as tourist vehicles and domestic waterway transportation.


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Phan Thiet boosts the management of tourist destinations