Government issues resolution to support those hurt by Covid-19

11/04/2020, 10:10

The Vietnamese government has issued a resolution on providing financial support to people that have been affected by the new coronavirus disease (Covid-19) epidemic.

Employees who have had their jobs suspended for a month or longer because their enterprises do not have resources to pay due to Covid-19 will be given VND1.8 million (US$77.2) a month for a maximum of three months.

A meeting of the Vietnamese government (Photo: VGP)

Employers facing financial difficulties that have already paid half of the wages to their employees will also be offered loans at a zero-interest rate to cover the remaining half.

Household businesses with taxable revenue of less than VND100 million (US$4,288) a year will be provided with VND1 million ($42.88) a month for three months if they had to suspend operations from April.

Workers who lost their jobs but are ineligible for unemployment benefits will be able to receive VND1 million a month from April to June.

National contributors and social welfare beneficiaries will receive VND500,000 per month (US$21.44) while households below or near the poverty line will be provided with VND250,000 (US$10.72) per person.

The government’s resolution clearly dictates that the state, enterprises and whole of society share the responsibility of ensuring the lives of those affected by the epidemic.

Source: NDO

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Government issues resolution to support those hurt by Covid-19