Government issues Action Programme to implement Resolution of 13th National Party Congress

21/05/2021, 08:56

The Government has just issued Resolution No.50/NQ-CP on the Government’s Action Programme to implement the Resolution adopted at the 13th National Party Congress.

Members of the Party Central Committee make debut on the last day of the 13th National Party Congress on February 1. (Photo: VNA)

The Government’s Action Programme clearly shows the main contents and tasks needed to concretise the views, directions, orientations and related content of the Resolution adopted at the 13th National Party Congress, in accordance with the Government’s functions, tasks and powers, ensuring its suitability to domestic and international circumstances and meeting the development requirements of the country in the near future.

The Government’s Action Programme will form the basis for ministries, sectors and agencies directly managed by the Government at central level, and local authorities at the provincial level, to develop their own action programmes according to their assigned functions, tasks and powers and ensure implementation in a drastic, synchronous and effective manner, contributing to the successful implementation of the national development goals and tasks contained in the Resolution adopted at 13th National Party Congress.

In the implementation process of the Government’s Action Programme, the Government asks ministries, sectors, central agencies and localities to seriously grasp the Party’s leadership principles, the motto “Solidarity - Democracy - Discipline - Creativeness - Development” and its guiding views according to the Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress; of which, special attention is paid to six key tasks, three strategic breakthroughs; strengthening Party building and rectification, raising the leadership capacity and combatant strength of party organisations and members; improving service quality for the sake of people and businesses; building a lean state with effective and efficient operations in association with streamlining the overall state apparatus, improving the quality and restructuring the contingent of cadres, civil servants and public employees throughout the state administrative system, contributing to successful implementation of the overall goals set out in the Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress.

The overall goal is to promote the Party’s leadership and ruling capacity and combatative strength; build a clean and comprehensively strong Party and political system; consolidate and enhance the people’s trust in the Party, State, and socialist regime; comprehensively and concertedly promote “Doi moi” (Renewal), industrialisation, and modernisation; build and firmly safeguard the Fatherland, maintain a peaceful and stable environment; and strive to turn Vietnam into a socialist-oriented developed country by the mid-21st century.

Source: NDO

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Government issues Action Programme to implement Resolution of 13th National Party Congress