Dung Quang Nho: An outstanding football player of the Cham community in Binh Thuan

08/03/2022, 16:04

Dung Quang Nho - the name that is being mentioned repeatedly, is the most searched keyword by the online community in the past few days. In particular, when the national U23 leader proudly and his teammates raised the Southeast Asian championship trophy.

Quang Nho was born and raised in Phan Hoa pure Cham commune, Bac Binh district. Is it here, or more broadly, that the Cham community has only one Dung Quang Nho or even more?

Looking at young Vietnamese players who have just competed in the Southeast Asian U23 tournament, it is not difficult to recognize a different Quang Nho. With technical qualities tempered since childhood in a prestigious and popular furnace like Hoang Anh Academy - Gia Lai on the basis of natural art and the qualities of a person with a "ruling" vision, Dung Quang Nho Matching the match not only worthy of the captain's armband in his hand, but also showed in him, revealing the image of a "samba dancer".

Anyway, those are just the beginning jumps and all is still ahead. What will your value be next, let yourself show it on the field and appraise it by reputable experts, the scope of this article as mentioned above, just takes the liberty of answering the question: Do Cham people have so many people like Quang Nho?

A hundred decades ago, when the French brought football to the people of Binh Thuan, how the Kinh welcomed it, the Cham people were no different. Nearly a century and a half has passed, many "things change stars" but there is one thing that seems to be constant, that is, every Cham ethnic area, every period has a football field. If they don't love football, why do they have a yard? From Phan Thanh, Phan Hiep, Phan Hoa (Bac Binh) to Phu Lac (Tuy Phong), everywhere. Even each village has a football field like Phan Hoa commune. And which generation, from 3X, 4X until now, the communes always have football teams and in that collective there are always excellent individuals, forcing the football community at the local and even the national level to acknowledge, admire.

In the 70s and 80s on the grass fields of Bac Binh and Tuy Phong districts, no one did not know goalkeeper Dang Phung. Mr. Phung is over 1.8 meter tall with glossy brown skin, deep eyes, wavy curly hair and a beard like a South American, however the deeper impression on the audience is the ability to master the wooden frame. After that, he switched to playing central defender position. During this time, he continued to shine and was loved by the audience, named after a Brazilian player who was named "the sage of the pitch" in the 80s, which was given by Socrates. Though the shoes are not enough to wear, the Cham children's matches always attract viewers.

Next to Mr. Phung "Socrates" was Van Luong Bich. Bich is the son of the eldest monk Van Luong Do. An intellectual in the natural field of the Cham community. In the football tournaments of the north of Binh Thuan at that time, striker Luong Bich stood out with his gifted dexterous legs and smart head and the way of thinking of a knowledgeable person when handling situations in the open spaces. narrow space in front of the opponent's goal…

In Phan Hoa or other Cham communities in Binh Thuan, there are always outstanding players who leave many imprints like Mr. Phung, Mr. Bich.

The image of carefree, innocent barefoot Cham children playing, artistically improvising with the ball despite the sun and rain, regardless of the time over the years, does not fade in the minds of many people. When witnessing those images, it is impossible not to think of the children "dancing" with the ball in the hometown of N.Kanu (Nigeria), A. Pele (Ghana), G. Weah (Liberia) – The “fruits” the prestigious "golden ball" in Africa and especially the children - dancers of the country of samba.

Part of the explanation for the very different flexibility and flexible technique of the Cham players is to think of the image of women - their mothers and grandmothers wearing water before and later, wearing offerings. To the temple, the produce team went to the market a long way. To keep the balance for the object on the head, each part of the body must be very rhythmic, especially the hip swings are always smooth and soft. If Brazilian players get their pitch dance from music and festivals, the Cham "soccer dance" more or less comes from the sound of the melodies of the guitar and the saranai in each breath of production. daily.

Mr. Nguyen Minh Chien, former player Thuan Hai (former), former director of the Culture and Sports Center of Bac Binh district, said that now in Phan Hoa commune, children aged 10-12 have the same qualities as Dung Quang Nho even more is not rare. The children are more interested in participating in learning and practicing football by their parents than before. The scouts of the academies also pay more attention to this area. "Now and many years ago, football tournaments from youth to teenagers, the football team of Phan Hoa commune or the football team of pure Cham communes are often strong and always win high prizes," said Mr. Nguyen Minh Chien - uncle of former national player Nguyen Minh Chuyen and former national U19 player Nguyen Minh Tuyen acknowledged.

In the early 90s, the Cham communities of Binh Thuan and Ninh Thuan were very proud when Ninh Phuoc district had a brilliant striker Bau Thanh Tam on the pitch in the south central region. Now, they are even more proud when Dung Quang Nho, national U23 leader brings glory to the country.

Still the question: Only one Dung Quang Nho? The answer is definitely not. Facility? Right now! Dung Quang Vinh, Dung Quang Nho's younger brother is a member of the U15 team of Hoang Anh Gia Lai Football Academy - New factors with "inheritance" are a strong source of inspiration and motivation for Cham communities which has a tradition and above all a pure love of football and art to continue writing the story of "Champa dancers" on the field.


According to Bao Binh Thuan
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Dung Quang Nho: An outstanding football player of the Cham community in Binh Thuan