Books brought to students in ethnic minority areas

16/04/2024, 09:24

BTO – In response to “Book and Reading Culture Day”, Dong Giang Elementary and Middle School (Ham Thuan Bac) has recently observed a significant and interesting activity at the schoolyard. To improve Vietnamese language proficiency for students, especially primary school students in ethnic minority areas, and help them grasp other subjects.

Accordingly, many practical teaching and learning models have been implemented to help students become more interested in and learn Vietnamese.

Students choose books from the mobile library van.

Although the program started at 7 a.m., more than 400 students from this school in the ethnic minority community had arrived very early to await the event. Every eye followed and then surrounded the mobile library van as it stopped in front of the courtyard.

The students are engrossed in reading books.

Seemingly understanding the excitement of the students, Principal Nguyen Minh Dat of Dong Giang Elementary and Middle School shared: The school has 610 students, with over 80% being from ethnic minority groups. Of these, there are 400 primary school students and 210 middle school students. Due to the difficult living conditions of their families, buying books and stories to read is rare for them. Although the school has established a “Green Library” model to help students access more books, the quantity of books is still not abundant or appealing. Therefore, receiving additional bookshelves with nearly 1,000 copies during the “Book and Reading Culture Day” in 2024 will provide teachers and students with more reading materials. In particular, the activities of the mobile library van not only provide various types of books and stories but also help students access knowledge in many forms, such as internet access, audio-visual experiences through TV, practicing self-learning skills, reading, teamwork, gaming activities, emotional intelligence testing through firefighting films, etc., to enhance knowledge and strengthen the Vietnamese language.

The mobile library van helps students access knowledge in various forms.

Holding a book for teenagers in her hand, K` Thi Chau - an excited 8th grader said: “We don’t have books or stories at home, so thanks to the activities at school, I can now read many good books.”

Ms. Luong Thi Viet Anh guides students in reading books.

Ms. Luong Thi Viet Anh - the homeroom teacher of class 5B, with 24 years of teaching experience in schools in ethnic minority areas and mountainous regions, shared: The majority of parents are focused on economic activities and pay little attention to their children’s education. If they have the opportunity to go to the district center or the city of Phan Thiet, they only buy toys and food without taking their children to bookstores. Since the daily communication language of the students is their ethnic language, teachers in the school always encourage students to read to each other, read during the morning activities, find additional resources for each subject to expand their knowledge, and apply what they have learned in practical life. Furthermore, students are required to participate in class, interact with teachers to improve the quality of the lesson, contribute to enhancing the reading culture of students and teachers.

Leaders of departments and teachers read books with students

The image of department leaders and teachers participating in reading books with students during the cultural reading day at Dong Giang Elementary and Middle School is close and meaningful. Mr. Nguyen Le Thanh - Deputy Director of the Department of Information and Communication stated: In the coming years, priority will continue to be given to organizing the reading day at the grassroots level, in difficult areas, contributing to providing knowledge and creating long-term values to develop the reading movement in the community.


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Books brought to students in ethnic minority areas