Binh Thuan rolls out Covid-19 booster shots

30/12/2021, 09:33

BTO - The Binh Thuan Department of Health (DoH) has lately planned to give the Covid-19 supplement and booster shots for people from the age of 18 and above.

Accordingly, the booster shot would be given to those who are from the age of 18 so that it can ensure the vaccine coverage for all people aged from 50. The beneficiaries are those who have received the full basic dose, including people with moderate and severe immunodeficiency such as organ transplants, cancer, HIV, currently receiving immunosuppressive drugs or has been on treatment within 6 months. And people who have received the full basic dose of Sinopharm's vaccine or Sputnik V vaccine.

A booster shots are also given to people aged 18 years and older who have had enough basic or supplementary doses, ensuring coverage for all people with underlying medical conditions, people receiving long-term care at health facilities, and people aged 50 or older, those who directly test, care for and treat Covid-19 patients, medical staff.

If their primary or supplementary shots are of the same vaccine, they can be given the booster of the same vaccine or an mRNA vaccine. If different vaccines have been previously administered, a booster shot of the mRNA vaccine should be given. If the basic or additional dose is a vaccine from Sinopharm, a booster dose of the same vaccine or an mRNA vaccine, or a viral vector vaccine (AstraZeneca vaccine) can be given.

The minimum interval of additional injections after the last dose of the primary dose is from 28 days to 3 months; The minimum interval between booster doses is at least 3 months after the last dose of the primary dose.

Time to deploy additional injections and boosters from December 2021, depending on the vaccine supply progress of the Ministry of Health. Medical centers ensure that vaccines are used effectively, for the right purposes, and completed in the shortest time.


According to Bao Binh Thuan
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Binh Thuan rolls out Covid-19 booster shots