Binh Thuan imposes 14-day social distancing under Directive No.15 to stop the spread of Covid-19

20/07/2021, 07:11

BTO- Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Le Tuan Phong, in an online meeting with functional departments, agencies on July 19, asked a province-wide social distancing order, starting from 0:00 on July 20 under the Government’s Directive No.15.

Particularly, La Gi town will continue implementing social distancing measures under the PM’s Directive No.16, which was imposed on July 15. As of July 19, Binh Thuan has reported 96 infected cases, including 92 patients under treatment and 4 recoveries. In the morning of July 19, 17 new suspected Covid-19 cases were recorded in the whole province. Authorities and functional bodies are now working hard to quickly track F1s, F2s and all people who had close contact with confirmed and suspected Covid-19 patients. F1s have been taking to concentrated isolation facilities. In which, those who have high risk of infecting with SARS-CoV-2 are arranged in separated rooms to avoid cross-infection.

At an Online meeting.

Currently, 1,204 people are under concentrated quarantine and another 15,422 ones are being self-quarantined at home. Destinations relating to infections were disinfected and are being isolated as stipulated. According to medical sector, the greatest Covid-19 risk factors are people, especially truck drivers returning from epicenters. In the recent time, self-quarantine at home has brought low effectiveness and posed high risk of community transmission. For that reason, the provincial authorities have imposed concentrated quarantine order to all people coming back from provinces/cities implementing Prime Minister’s Directive No.16 to boost efficiency of pandemic prevention and control.

Chairman Le Tuan Phong emphasized that 19 provinces/cities in the southern region started 2 weeks of strict social distancing under the Prime Minister’s Directive No.16 on July 19. Therefore, Binh Thuan should take the chance to strengthen measures in the fight against Covid-19 epidemic.

Localities are requested to intensify management of transport business, especially focus on issues relating to accommodations and traveling records of drivers and driving assistants.

Transport companies are asked to provide list of drivers who must carry out tests for coronavirus one time in each 3-day  and stay at home both with or without functional agencies’ decisions on compulsory quarantine. Those who work for delivery services must introduce tests negative for coronavirus within 72 hours when shipping goods to customers. Traditional markets must implement all necessary measure to ensure safety for shoppers.

Covid-19 checkpoints are requested to closely control flows of people and vehicles and take concentrated isolation for all people who return from hotspots.

Translated by Phuong Lan (Source: Binh Thuan Online)

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Binh Thuan imposes 14-day social distancing under Directive No.15 to stop the spread of Covid-19