Binh Thuan and its memorable highlights in 2023

02/01/2024, 14:32

BTO - In 2023, the economy of the country in particular, and the world in general, face many difficulties and challenges. However, Binh Thuan has successfully achieved its goals and tasks, leaving behind remarkable milestones.

Deputy Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee, Phan Van Dang, stated at the Inspectorate’s conference. 2023 is a pivotal year, with great significance in implementing the Resolution of the 14th Provincial Party Congress, for the term 2020-2025; and the Socio-economic Development Plan for the period 2021-2025.

As we enter 2023, along with other guiding documents and requirements, departments, committees, sectors, and localities have developed action plans to implement the objectives for 2023. Looking back at the past year, there were significant challenges not only for Binh Thuan but also for the whole country, as the global political and economic situation experienced complex developments, input material prices increased, inflation pressures in some countries, and reduced consumption demands in major markets affecting production, business activities, and people’s lives.

Alongside the advantages, there were also new difficulties and heavier challenges resulting from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, with high determination and efforts, Binh Thuan achieved certain results in 2023, leaving behind memorable marks. Particularly noteworthy is surpassing 14 out of the 17 planned targets. Among them, the province’s Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) grew by 8.1% compared to 2022 (7.75%). Welcoming 8.35 million tourists, an increase of 45.98%, generating tourism revenue estimated at 22,300 billion VND, a 63% increase…

In contrast, in 2022, there were only 5.72 million tourists with revenue of 13,680 billion VND. This demonstrates that more tourists are heading towards Binh Thuan, especially with the operation of the Vinh Hao - Phan Thiet and Phan Thiet - Dau Giay expressways.

Binh Thuan welcomes a large number of visitors during the New Year holiday.

In addition, there were significant events such as the visit of President Vo Van Thuong to Phu Quy island district; the working session of Chairman of the National Assembly Vuong Dinh Hue with key officials of Binh Thuan province; the midterm conference of implementing the Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress and the Resolution of the 14th Provincial Party Congress, and so on.

Remarkably, Binh Thuan successfully organized the Visit Vietnam Year with the theme “Binh Thuan – Green tourism comes together”. This is a representative cultural, economic, and social event, with national and international scale, featuring over 200 activities spanning across the country, including 4 main activities: the announcement ceremony of “Visit Vietnam Year with the theme “Binh Thuan – Green tourism comes together” combined with a countdown ceremony, the opening ceremony of “Visit Vietnam Year with the theme “Binh Thuan – Green tourism comes together”, the award ceremony of the final round of the competition “Vietnam’s Aspiration: Making Phan Thiet a leading MICE and Wellness tourism destination in the world by 2045”, and the closing ceremony of “Visit Vietnam Year with the theme “Binh Thuan – Green tourism comes together”.

Additionally, there were 6 international events and 12 national events organized in Binh Thuan, along with activities led by centrally-governed provinces and cities… Not to mention, there were accompanying activities such as overall environmental sanitation, urban beautification throughout the year with the theme “Urban beautification, environmental preservation, green, clean, and beautiful landscape” in conjunction with the successful organization of the National Tourism Year 2023, which received enthusiastic responses from the people.

Delegates and people attending the opening ceremony of the National Tourism Year.

Furthermore, other sectors have also experienced significant development. In addressing long-standing issues, especially in dealing with delayed and ineffective projects, Binh Thuan has focused on resolving and making initial positive progress. However, it is important to acknowledge that alongside the positive results, there are still many areas that have not met expectations. In particular, land and mineral management have not seen much progress, and the issue of illegal construction on agricultural land, encroachment on public land and project land has not been effectively prevented and timely addressed. The rectification of previous shortcomings, violations, and deficiencies in investment, land, and construction has been slow and hesitant, causing dissatisfaction among the people and some businesses. The inspection, monitoring, and enforcement of decisions on handling complaints and denunciations, as well as the conclusion of reports on accusations, have not been given sufficient attention or thoroughly implemented, resulting in the low effectiveness of complaint resolution.

These weaknesses and delays have been clearly identified in many meetings of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial People’s Committee, as well as at various levels, sectors, and localities in recent days. A recent conference on summarizing the inspection work was a typical example, where Deputy Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee, Phan Van Dang, pointed out the existing issues in the inspection work. At the same time, he requested that the inspection sector in the coming year focus on sectors, areas, and localities that have witnessed many violations, corruption, negative practices, or have received numerous complaints, denunciations, and public attention.

The aim is to conduct inspections to promptly detect and rectify weaknesses and deficiencies in state management. Strict and lawful measures should be taken against collectives and individuals who violate the law, engage in corruption, and negative practices. Recommendations should also be made to improve policies and laws that still have shortcomings and loopholes.

A corner of Phan Thiet - the economic, political, cultural, and social center of Binh Thuan.

The Deputy Chairman Phan Van Dang also suggested that the relevant sectors pay more attention to the implementation of complaint and denunciation resolution work, especially the leaders at all levels, sectors, and localities need to enhance their responsibility and actively coordinate with other sectors and levels to carry out comprehensive tasks and solutions in citizen reception, handling of letters, and resolution of complaints and denunciations within their jurisdiction. It is important to focus on checking, reviewing, and resolving thoroughly cases that involve a large number of people, are complex, and prolonged, in order to contribute to stabilizing the political and social security situation and serving the local economic and social recovery and development tasks. The resolution of complaints and disputes must follow the proper sequence and procedures as prescribed, and most importantly, enhance the quality and effectiveness of land complaint and dispute resolution work.

According to the analysis report on the socio-economic situation in 2023 by the Provincial Statistics Office, despite facing numerous difficulties, the overall socio-economic situation of the province in 2023 still achieved good results. The majority of these challenges and difficulties were due to the rapid and complex changes in the global political and economic situation, which had unpredictable impacts on our country.

As a province heavily reliant on industry, agriculture, and tourism, Binh Thuan is inevitably affected by external challenges and influences. However, with unity, solidarity, and determination to achieve development goals, Binh Thuan is demonstrating its position. The challenges and opportunities of 2023 serve as factors for setting more resilient and steadfast orientations for the future.


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