Propaganda on preventing illegal migration held in Phu Quy island

28/04/2021, 16:17

BTO- The provincial Border Guard Command and the  International Organization for Migration (IOM)- the UN Migration Agency in Vietnam lately co-organized a communication event in the prevention of potential irregular maritime migration from Vietnam to Australia of  Phu Quy island‘s citizens.

At the event.

Accordingly, representatives of IOM and the provincial Border Guard Command provided the islanders with some knowledge about safe and legal migration;  Vietnam’s policies in prevention of illegal migration abroad; the laws and strict border protection policies of Australia; the current situation of illegal migration abroad in Phu Quy in particular and in Vietnam in general; some practices of bad guys in an attempt to illegally take Vietnamese migrants to foreign countries and the consequences.

The message of  “everyone who tries to come illegally to Australia by boat has zero chance of success” was disseminated via leaflets, media reportages, short plays. Through those media activities, the event has conveyed a strong caution from the Australian government that it does not allow any foreigners arriving illegally by boat to settle in Australia. All illegal immigrants will be detected, stopped, and forced to turn back to their home countries immediately in the sea.

Translated by Phuong Lan (Source: Binh Thuan Online)

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Propaganda on preventing illegal migration held in Phu Quy island