Phan Thiet celerates Mid-autumn festival with amazing Lanterns parade

12/09/2019, 10:24

BTO – For most of Phan Thiet citizens, Mid-autumn festival is also known as “the Lantern festival”, which gathers dozens of big lanterns and thousands of small ones to dazzle the sky of Phan Thiet hub on the night of 15th day of the Eighth month on the lunar calendar.

This year the event fell on September 11 at Nguyen Tat Thanh square (Phan Thiet city), where 32 big lanterns and 3,200 small lanterns flocked to the place for their special duty, amusing the on-lookers’ entertainment and celebrating the full moon festival for children inside and outside the province.

The event attracted the participation of 18 wards, communes and 14 school clusters. Each unit brought to the festival one big lantern and 100 small lanterns, which were designed meticulously and lively. Those are designed in various shapes simulating any famous legendary characters and meaningful simples, including “dragon boat”, “buffalo carrying rice”, “dolphin”, “rabbit is studying”, “red jellyfish”, “carp”, “squirrel carries a torch”, etc. Those colorful lanterns show the iron will in studying and working for the contribution to boosting the homeland more and wealthier.

Photo: Dinh Hoa
Photo by Ho Dang Khoa - Source: Internet

The procession made a line en route from Nguyen Tat Thanh square, passing by streets of Ton Duc Thang, Thu Khoa Huan, and Tran Hung Dao to the final spot of Nguyen Du Street. Undeniably, the Phan Thiet’s mid-autumn lantern parade festival does not only bring a special day for children, it also entertains the locals and visitors to the locality on that day. Moreover, the festival has become a traditional culture of the coastal residents in every autumn time.

Translated by My Thien (Source: Binh Thuan Online)

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Phan Thiet celerates Mid-autumn festival with amazing Lanterns parade