Must-try thrilling games for adventurers in Mui Ne

12/05/2017, 12:22

BTO – Mui Ne has now become one of the popular destination of domestic and foreign tourists. The hot spot is also well-known for numerous water sports, which can create thrilling and unforgettable experience whenever you try once in life. Binh Thuan Online will introduce some most appealing games that you should not miss during a trip in Mui Ne – Phan Thiet.

Free-flying hot air balloon trip

Visitors in Phan Thiet city can experience the free-flying trip with our hot-air balloon to discover one of the most beautiful coastal cities in Vietnam from above. When you are pulled up from the ground, you can behold several images emerging under the first morning rays, such as the coastal fishing villages, crystal-clear Bau Trang lake, vast white sand dunes and many beautiful sites of Phan Thiet. A whole adventure takes 3-4 hours in which the time to conduct the flight is 1 hour. Ticket is priced at VND 7 million per tourist, including car transportation from/to hotel, free-flying with hot-air balloon for 15 km, traditional ceremony for the first hot air balloon flight, certificate of achievement. For booking, please contact telephone numbers: (+84) 903 922 551 or (+84) 902 204 545.

Jet ski

Jet ski is a funny game for speed-lovers. It is designed as a scooter for ease of driving and controlling on the waters. Players will enjoy specially-thrilling experience when conquering the high and strong waves in the burning afternoon. It is prices at VND 300,000 for two players in a maximum duration of 15 minutes.


Mui Ne water territory is home to domestic and international windsurfing-lovers thanks to favorable conditions of the wind, sun and waves, etc. windsurfers are required clever, healthy and surfing skills when joining the sport. For instruction and competition, please contact Jibe’s Beach Surfing club (Address: No. 90 Nguyen Dinh Chieu street, Phan Thiet city).

Kite surfing

For venturous tourists, kite surfing in Mui Ne is truly a fantastic and exciting experience. This water sports is rather similar to regular surfing, but there is an additional modified kite-board on the waves while holding onto a specially-designed parachute-like kite, relying on only the wind to push players forwards. In Mui Ne, there are many places to teach kite-surfing and rent equipment out to tourists. Besides kite surfing, visitors can play several attractive water sports like: surfing, windsurfing, jet-skiing and kayaking..

Squad Drive

Sand dune tourist area (Bac Binh district), 40km far from the center of Mui Ne, is famous for quad biking to conquer the up and down white sand dunes. It is a great and extremely thrilling game by squad bike. The rental bike is priced from VND 350,000.

My Thien (Source: Binh Thuan Online)


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Must-try thrilling games for adventurers in Mui Ne